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Embrace Pet Insurance announces Cabela's Pet Insurance, pet health insurance for active outdoor dogs (and their sibling cats too!)  Protect your hunting, sporting and family dog against costly accidents and illnesses with the quality and superior customer service you have come to expect from Cabela's.

If you live on the East or West coast and never been to the great outdoors, you might not have heard of Cabela's, but for the rest of us, we know Cabela's as the World's Foremost Outfitter of hunting, fishing and outdoor gear and I'm a huge fan.

Nearly every annual trip to our family cabin in Minnesota includes a visit to Cabela's to stock up on fishing gear (and maybe a t-shirt or three). I love browsing through the entire store, including the aquariums filled with local aquatic settings displaying the local fish you might catch. Such a breath of fresh air - literally. 

Cabela's is a source of affordable, high-quality outdoor equipment and their stores are phenomenal. Just try to spend less than $200 everytime you step into one - it's just not possible (or is that just me...?)

Embrace is proud to partner with Cabela's and delighted to provide Cabela's Pet Insurance to Cabela's much loved customers.

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Renewing Your Pet Insurance Policy?

TabbyOnCouchWithSmallWhiteDog-StockPhoto Renewal is the ideal time of year to think over your Wellness and Dental Rewards program options.  If your pet is due for some routine care or preventative procedures in the next 12 months, a Rewards program might save you some cash, or help you plan for the big annual costs.

Factors to consider:

  • Is your little one not so little anymore? If you’re past the boosters and spay/neuter phase, maybe you are ready to drop from Wellness Rewards PLUS $400 to the Basic $200 benefit.
  • On the other side, if your dog is aging, perhaps the Wellness Rewards PLUS $400 might make sense for the extra bloodwork you might want to get done or the prescription food you might need
  • Is your pet due for a dental cleaning?  Small dogs and cats typically need yearly dental cleaning over the age of 4-5 years old.  Larger dogs may not need them as frequently, or as early in life.  The $400 Dental Rewards might help, even if the dental disease is pre-existing.
  • Does your large dog need a Gastropexy?  Wellness Plus covers that!
  • Does your pet require prescription foods for a diagnosed condition?  Wellness Plus covers that too!

All of these programs can be added or removed year to year, at renewal, so you’re not locked into any rewards program for more than the 12 month term.


Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca or Dry Eye in Dogs and Cats

Zeus-Judy Barbarite What sounds like a simple condition, dry eye can become quite the pain in the... wel, the eye for some dogs or cats.

Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS) can be inherited but it can also occur as a result of viruses, inflammatory disease processes, drug-related side effects, or diseases that affect the immune system.

Pets with KCS will typically start with greenish mucus-like discharge (mucus is produced when the eye can't produce enough tears) and then progress to red eyes. If not treated quickly, the outer layer of the eye (the cornea) may also become irritated and swollen, creating a bluish cast over the eye.

If left untreated, the dog or cat can become blind after bacterial infections affect the structure of the eye.

For more detailed information on KCS, check out the Embrace Pet Health Library on Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca.

Here's an example of claims for Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca in Maggie, a Golden Retriever, who was first diagnosed with KCS just after her first birthday.

Visit Date   Diagnosis Claim Amount Paid Amount
6/29/2009   Left Eye Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS) $312.39 $241.00
6/3/2009   Keratoconjunctivitis $621.28 $479.59
7/9/2009   Keratoconjunctivitis $432.85 $346.28
8/6/2009   Keratoconjunctivitis $153.00 $119.21
10/20/2009   Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS) $147.66 $118.13
10/27/2009   Acupunture follow- up visit: KCS $100.36 $80.29
10/29/2009   Keratoconjunctivitis $60.00 $48.00
11/3/2009   Acupunture follow- up visit: KCS $87.66 $70.13
11/5/2009   KCS / Left Facial Paralysis $40.00 $32.00
11/10/2009   KCS / Left Facial Paresis $40.00 $32.00
12/3/2009   KCS / Left Facial Paresis $40.00 $32.00
12/8/2009   KCS / Left Facial Paresis $150.00 $120.00
12/14/2009   Follow- Up KCS $135.00 $108.00
1/6/2010   KCS / Left Facial Paresis $30.00 $24.00
1/18/2010   KCS / Left Facial Paresis $63.00 $50.40
2/18/2010   KCS / Left Facial Paresis $39.00 $31.20
3/26/2010   KCS / Left Facial Paresis $25.00 $20.00
4/26/2010   chronic KCS testing $63.00 $50.40
4/27/2010   KCS / Left Facial Paresis $25.00 $20.00
6/29/2010   Follow Up on KCS- Improving $17.30 $13.84
7/28/2010   OS Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca $135.00 $108.00
8/11/2011   KCS/ Left Facial Paresis $25.00 $20.00
2/17/2011   Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca $135.00 $108.00
4/1/2011   Recheck Eye $88.00 $23.20
4/18/2011   Chronic Dry Eye of the Left Eye $245.00 $196.00
5/16/2011   Neurologic Dry Eye- Left Eye $107.00 $85.60
      $3,317.50 $2,577.27

While most of her visits won't break the bank by themselves, they do add up, with over $3,300 over charges over 2 years.

Maggie's pet parent currently pays an annual premium of $220.83 for Maggie's policy with a $500 annual deductible, $10,000 annual maximum, 20% copay percentage, prescription drugs included. Maggie lives in Grandville MI.

Note that the costs just keep building up, small amounts at a time. Certainly not something you'd put your dog down for, yet it added up to well over three thousand dollars. What would you do if faced with this situation?

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Claim Example: cataract surgery in a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca or Dry Eye

Embrace Pet Insurance reaches big milestone

Inside Business Dec 2009 Oh happy days!

We have reached the promised land of postive cash flow at Embrace - yeah baby!

I know that as a casual reader of our blog, you might give it a cursory nod and move on to your next online reading, but for Alex and I, this is a huge milestone that just can't go by unnoticed.

As entrepreneurs, there were so many times when we wondered how we were going to get to the next milestone, whether it be the first 1,000 pets insured, the first million in premium, that first big partnership, or even just making the next payroll (yup, it's not all been puppies and kittens through the years).

And as we ticked off these milestones, we began to see that we really would make it, that we actually knew what we were doing, and that we really had something worth all the love, stress, and tears we put into Embrace. Of course, we believed all of that all the way through but that's because we're entrepreneurs, we're supposed to believe in those things. It was just seeing it come true that is amazing.

But there's always a time where a company needs to be independent of the need for money so it can take its own destiny in its own hands on its own terms, not those of new investors, and that is the biggest milestone of all - break even.

At the Embrace offices, we're taking the time to smell the coffee all week and if you'd like to join us, come hang out over at our Facebook page for updates of what we get up to at the office all week (very few Embrace staff know what's up for the week - I love surprises!). Maybe there will even be a few free gifts sent out to our lucky readers just for fun. What do you think? And of course, if you are in the area, stop by - as Chief Embracer, I'm doling out as many embraces as I can give.

Finally, our biggest supporters are our Embraced pet parents (and their dogs and cats of course) We all thank you so much for your kind words, supportive testimonials, and raving evangelism. You make us all laugh and delight in our work at Embrace and we truly think the world of you all.


Laura Bennett and Alex Krooglik
Founders of Embrace Pet Insurance

Claim Example: cataract surgery in a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Zeus-MichelleFranklin Gunner is a 4 year old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog who was diagnosed with Juvenile Cataracts this year. Juvenile Cataracts is a hereditary condition that strikes a number of breeds at younger ages.

As you may know, Embrace Pet Insurance covers hereditary or breed specific conditions as long as there are no clinical signs of the condition before the end of the waiting period.

The costs for the cataract treatment can add up. Here are the totals for Gunner's treatment so far. Note that the prescription drug coverage was not selected for Gunner's policy so take home drugs such as Otomax were not covered by his policy.

Date Diagnosis Status Claim Amount Paid
1/17/2011 Juvenile Cataracts Deduct $121.28 $0.00
1/21/2011 Cataracts Paid $194.00 $16.65
4/13/2011 Unilateral Cataract Surgery Paid $1,637.00 $1,381.50
5/24/2011 Post Op Recheck Exam Deduct $77.00 $0.00
      $2,029.28 $1,398.15

Here are the specifics on Gunner's surgery costs (FYI, he lives in Oregon)

Catheter $30.00 IL Y $30.00
Fluid Admin $35.00 IL Y $35.00
Anesthesia $225.00 IL Y $225.00
Antitbiotics $18.00 IL Y $18.00
Dexamethasone Inj $15.00 IL Y $15.00
Unilateral Cataract Surgery $1,200.00 IL Y $1,200.00
NeoPolyDex Opth $15.00 DD N $0.00
Diclofenac Sod Opth Sol $30.00 DD N $0.00
PolyB Trimethoprim Opth Sol $8.00 DD N $0.00
E-Collar $12.00 IL Y $12.00
Cipro $27.00 DD N $0.00
Tramadol $10.00 DD N $0.00
Acepromazine $12.00 DD N $0.00
  $1,637.00     $1,535.00

Gunner's claim payout was calculated as follows (the deductible having already been satisfied this year):

STEP 1: Calculate Potential Refund     
  Billed Amount:       $1,637.00
  Covered Charges:  (see attached detail)    $1,535.00
  Annual deductible remaining   $0.00
  subtotal   $1,535.00
  Copay 10%  (your copayment)    $153.50
Potential Refund        $1,381.50
STEP 2: Compare potential refund against your annual maximums
     Annual Maximum       $10,000.00
     Prior refunds for this policy year   $16.65
     Coverage remaining       $9,983.35
Your total refund is:        $1,381.50

Has your dog or cat had cataract surgery? How did it go?

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Claim Example: cataract surgery in a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog 

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