Introducing Mama Elephant and Her Baby - National Hairball Awareness Day

IMG_3074 With three cats in the house, we're had our fair share of goopy hairballs suddenly discovered under foot or hidden away in the guest room, only to be discovered when showing your mother-in-law to her sleeping quarters (oops!)

When Furminator asked if I'd be interested in joining in with National Hairball Awareness Day, I thought it a fun way to highlight something that can be quite a problem for people with cats. We've certainly paid out some gastrointestinal claims related to the issue.

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Pet Cancer Stories: Molly a German Shepherd Dog / Husky

Here's Louise, another Embraced pet parent, sharing her dog cancer story:

Molly GSD Husky mix My dog Molly was a 10.5 years old German Shepherd/Husky mix when on January 23, 2010 I brought her in for a check up and asked the vet to examine her anal area, as it didn’t look right.  The vet manually expressed the right anal gland and felt two lumps aside of the gland.  She said the lumps were cancerous and their location made them inoperable, non-resectable. 

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Pet Cancer Story: Boss the Rottweiler with Lymphoma

Continuing our series on our Embraced pet parents sending in their pet cancer stories, here's one from Kay, one of our long-timers at Embrace.

Hello everyone at Embrace,

100_0004 Your article couldn't have said it better. After loosing our last rottie to cancer, I knew before getting my next pet, I would invest in insurance.

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Cancer story: update on Cadence the Pug with an oral mast cell tumor

Cadence and wrigley We profiled Cadence the Pug with an oral mast cell tumor on our website but I thought it worth revisiting Cadence's continued progress with this cancer.

First, some great news from Christine, Cadence's mom:

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Pet Cancer Story: Rex and Maddy, mixed breed cats

Another pet cancer story in our series, this time from Beth D, Havertown PA.

Rex  Maddy 2 Rex and Maddy came to me as litter mates almost 16 years ago.  They were born in Limerick PA, home of a nuclear power plant.  We always wondered if that would have any bearing on their lives.   At around age 12, Maddy began to have a weepy eye, but was otherwise still her normal self.  I eventually took her to our vet who referred her to an ophthalmologist.  He couldn’t find any major problem, had me put drops in her eyes and had me follow-up with my vet in a week.  At her follow-up visit, my vet insisted that there was a problem and called to consult with the ophthalmologist.  Back to the ophthalmologist we  went where he took a closer look to find a malignant tumor under her eye.  It was decided to take her eye within days.   It took just a few weeks for Maddy to adjust.  The hardest part was dealing with the collar and taking her medicine!  And as my vet predicted, she is just as beautiful as ever!

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