Embrace Pet Insurance NY Policies Move to RLI

George michael freedom Another step in the move to RLI - Embrace Pet Insurance policies in NY will move from the RLI Mt Hawley surplus lines terms and conditions to the RLI admitted paper effective today, January 31st.

I know - it's a bunch of insurance hooey, but what it means is no more upfront taxes and no more signing unintelligble insurance forms when you start your policy. In other words, no more bureaucracy.

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Pet insurance policy premiums that don't increase over time - Trupanion case study

Some pet parents believe that the Trupanion Insurance premiums do not increase over time and so they ask us what Embrace Pet Insurance premiums will do in comparison. It's a good and valid question.

Trupanion states on their website and marketing materials that Trupanion policies will not increase Trupanion policy premiums due to the pet aging, which makes people think that the premium does not increase over time; however, there are many other reasons that Trupanion's premiums will go up as a pet ages - Trupanion premiums will increase over time.

For example, Trupanion was approved for a 51.77% for premium increase in California and a 32.7% increase in Florida plus they filed for an automatic 15% veterinary inflation increase every year thereafter (the automatic increases were not approved in either state). So even Trupanion says their premiums should increase over time.

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Ten Things You Can Do to Enhance Your Embrace Pet Insurance Experience

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