Claim Example: Inguinal Hernia Repair in a Dachshund

DSC_0051 As the final post of our focus on obesity this month, I thought it a good example to use where this hernia could have possibly been prevented through weight management (although such a young dog is likely to have needed surgery no matter what).

An inguinal hernia is a defect in the opening from the abdomen down to the testicular sac and obesity sometimes can change something miniscule and not noticeable into a serious condition that needs surgery to fix the defect.

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Measuring my cats' body mass index - the FBMI

IMG_0067 A couple of weeks ago, I came across an article by Dr J (though twitter) on the Feline Body Mass Index. It's the same concept as the human BMI measurement where you look at a person's weight and height and work out the percentage of body mass made up of fat.

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Other interesting changes in the Embrace Pet Insurance policies

Jake You'd think that after the last 6 posts on the pawsome changes to our policies in our move to RLI (see Embrace has a new insurance partner - A+ rated RLI Corp), I'd have exhausted the list by now but there's still more:

  • you can now get a policy for a 6 week old pet and up (used to be 8 weeks)
  • we have new deductibles, including a $1,000 a year deductible. The premiums on these sweet policies are really really low
  • and did I mention we cover prescription diet cat and dog food in our Wellness Rewards Plus plan, as well as gastropexy, OFA and PennHIP x-rays, and umbilical cord repair? I probably did but I really like those new additions! :D

OK,  back to work now. Just thought you'd like these nice extras to wrap up the week.

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Embrace Continuing Care Sublimits have gone!

Note that this post has been updated for Dec 31st 2010 conversion date.

No more sublimit on the Embrace continuing care benefit 
(see Embrace has a new insurance partner - A+ rated RLI Corp).

Yesterday, I talked about cleaning up some niggling things about the Embrace Pet Insurance product, specifically the Embrace dental illness coverage.

Today, we talk about the old Embrace continuing care sublimit of 25% of the annual limit in the second year of the condition.

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Anyone interested in some Embrace Dental Rewards? Pick me, pick me!

Introducing the new Embrace Dental Rewards Plan, which covers the prevention and treatment of cat and dog dental disease!

Since Embrace launched in 2006, a few small things have been niggling me about our Embrace Pet Insurance policies, one being the way we covered dental illnesses:

  • Dental accidents are covered in the base Embrace health insurance product, just like in the human world, but our dental illness treatment coverage was lumped in with our prescription drug coverage - many people wanted to buy them separately
  • our dental illness treatment did not cover teeth cleaning, which disappointed pet parents :(
  • and dental illness is generally preventable so it felt odd to have coverage for the illness without the prevention (the teeth cleaning)

So, when we worked on moving our policies over to our new insurance partner, RLI (see Embrace has a new insurance partner - A+ rated RLI Corp), we decided to do the whole thing over and the Embrace Dental Rewards Plan came about.

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