Fun searches that bring people to the Embrace blog

Some Friday fun.

Every now and then, I do a round up of some of the terms that bring people to my blog. Here are some of the more interesting ones for your viewing pleasure:

Interesting questions

is pet insurance a good thing? - I hope they found the answer is yes!
should i get dog flu shot - I'd recommend your dog get it, not you
am I a bad pet owner for choosing not to have perineal urethrostomy for our cat - lots of questions like these, which makes me sad.
can you see ingested underwear on an x ray - do you think someone suspects something about their pet?
do dogs eat underwear - seems to be a running theme here
what happens when you breed a dog and cat - nothing good
if a small terrier dies at 13.9 has it lived its life - ummmm....
is $2500 a lot to remove bladder stones from a rottweiler - trust me, it happens, but it feels better with pet insurance
should you have your dogs cleaned yearly? - whether they need it or not
to have ray amputation or not, this is the question - a little shakespeare first thing in the morning to wake up the search engines is nice
looking at dog which is left and right paw - sounds like someone is getting their brain all twisted around
how to amputate cat foot - please don't be asking for instructions, you won't find them on my blog

Curious diseases

cat disease limping and liason on tongue - a new one for the medical books

embrace laura bennett - yes please - I am the Chief Embracer after all :)
insurance for your goldfish - ahem, my April Fools joke still gets picked up
goldfish euthanasia - oh dear, poor thing needs putting down already?
feeding your dog beer - hopefully they were asking before something bad happened

A bit off the wall:

real living pixies - good idea for my next April Fool's joke
cat bit my face hard - and what did you do to deserve that? 
huge cats - no huge cats around here, moving right along
i have huge legs youtube - where to go with this one?
a kitten in laundry - so cute until the dog presses the on button
i'm ok cold pack ingested - heading to the doctor's office 3..2..1..

I did enjoy that! What about you?


Take Your Pet To Work Day June 25th 2010

Summer 2009 186 rev Most people aren't as lucky as we are at Embrace to be able to bring their cats and dogs to work every day, but sometimes you can get your work to make an exception once a year on "Take Your Dog To Work Day" coming up on Friday.

You have to arrange it with your HR department but perhaps your boss would think it worth it if you quoted these APPA survey statistics to support the idea:

  • 73% said pets created a more productive work environment;
  • 27% enjoyed a decrease in absenteeism;
  • 73% said interpersonal skills ...improved;
  • 58% said employees stayed late with pets (no need to go home to let the dog out!);
  • 100% said they would continue to allow pets in the office

Sounds like a winning idea to me :)

So mark your calendar for Friday June 25th. If you do bring your dog to work that day, improve your interpersonal skills by posting the pictures on the Embrace Facebook page for all to see and help us all become more productive!

Free stuff - 3 competitions close this Monday

Lea over at the Embrace Pet Community Blog has gone a little contest crazy this month and we have 3 competitions where you can win useful and cool stuff for your cats and dogs.

  1. Lyger at the lake What is Lyger's breed mix - you can win a Heritage Makers bracelet, courtesy of The Pet Book Lady!  So you can treasure your own pet photos in this amazing keepsake bracelet!
  2. Waterdog Giveaway - enter a photo of your dog in water to win one of these awesomely useful WaterDog water dispensers.
  3. And last but certainly not least, submit a pet dad story to win a free food sample from Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul!

That should keep you busy for a moment or two.

But don't forget, the contests all close on Monday June 21st so get your behind in gear to win these awesome prizes.

A painful experience leads to pet insurance

I was talking with a new policyholder today and she told me about the painful experience she had that lead her to buy an Embrace pet insurance policy. I asked if I could share it and she agreed, but rather reluctantly; given the circumstances, I'm sure you can understand why.

DSC_0046 The experience goes like this: it seems that earlier this year, Jennifer and her husband brought a healthy and beautiful puppy into their lives. They had no expectations of the disaster that was about to change their lives when their puppy broke her hip doing the usual puppy shennigans that can lead to an accident.

You can imagine their horror when they discovered the vet bill was going to amount to more than $4,000, which they did not have and they certainly didn't have any pet insurance. Sadly, they had to surrender their puppy, their family member, to the veterinary hospital (I am not sure if the pup was fixed up and adopted out or just put down - not something anyone wants to dwell on).

Jennifer said to me, "It was horribly painful and I never want to go through that again. ... It was such a humiliating, horrible, gut-wrenching experience. I guess the one thing we didn't realize is how much stuff like that costs, so if our experience my help someone else, then yes you can use it."

You can just imagine.

After that emotionally draining experience, they brought another little pup into their lives and vowed they would never go through the pain of not being able to take care of any medical issue again. Their veterinary clinic recommended they buy pet insurance; hence, their purchase of an Embrace policy.

I talk a lot to people about why you might need pet insurance but nothing brings home the message than someone else's words, someone else's emotional experience. What do you think?

North American Pet Health Insurance Month is coming up - get your entries in!


I can't believe it's that time again but Pet Health Insurance Month is coming up in September! The North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) is sponsoring the event across the US and Canada.

Time to dust off your story telling submit your pet insurance claim stories and nominate your favorite veterinarian for some great prizes, including $1,000 for you and a grant for your veterinarian. You can do it!

Heimdall The 2009 pet insurance story was Heimdall's battle with a rare type of pneumonia that cost more than $10,000.

Last year's winning veterinarian was Dr. Wayne Ingmire of Chicago, IL.

Check out the details over at

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