In which Dr Khuly expresses her frustration...

Team Dolittler I'm a huge fan of Dr Patty Khuly. Not only is she a fellow Wharton alum and UPenn Veterinarian (they are called VMDs not DVMs by the way), but she's articulate, talented, and holds nothing back.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Patty for an hour or so at the NAVC recently and won't ever forget the snippets of conversation I caught between Patty and Betsy Saul (the founding goddess of Petfinder) regarding the topic of eating animals (Patty just happened to throw out into the conversation that she'd be happy to eat dog meat while Betsy, an avowed vegan, was explaining the conundrum of the farmer that rented her fields to keep cows. A rare moment...)

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Breed Focus: the Puggle

IMG_0076 One of the dangers of coming to work for Embrace is that you suddenly find the urge to adopt a pet or three. Laura, our Controller, has recently become pet mom to Cooper, a rescued puppy mill Puggle - a hybrid dog that is a cross between a Beagle and a Pug.

When we looked up what the Embrace Pet Health Center had to say about Puggles:

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Laura Bennett and Embrace on video for The Fund For Our Economic Future

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