Who or What is PetInsuranceReview.com anyway?

There was a very interesting comment from Chris on a post I did about PetInsuranceReview.com as follows:

I am skeptical about this petinsurancereview site as it does not give any indication as to who is responsible for it's content. Who decides which reviews make it onto the site, and who makes sure that there is no bias. What's more, how does this site pay for its operating costs as it has no visible advertisements, and we all know that no one would maintain a site without a bit of payback... Are the companies themselves involved in this site? Are some companies more involved than others? Very odd...

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Barney and Miss Beazley say their Good-Byes to the White House in their 2008 Christmas Video

Barney Miss Beazley dec2008. It's that time of year again - the release of the Barney Cam VII: A Red, White and Blue Christmas (2008) Windows MediaQuicktime, and Real Media)

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Embrace Pet Insurance Available in Washington State Now

Washington_state_at_its_finest Whether you live in Seattle, Portland, Colville, or Walla Walla, or somewhere in between, you can now be Embraced by Embrace Pet Insurance .

Now you can buy pet insurance from east coast to west, from northern climes to south and of course, out in the Pacific (Hawaii we love you). Pet insurance across the US.

Don't you think it's just perfect timing for that last minute Christmas present for your favorite pet parent? I'm just sayin'...

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