Dog paw 85% of foot licking is a sign of pollen allergies (atopic) - who would have thunk it?

What about the other 15%? Quite likely to be food allergies.

Now those are useful stats.

In the claims department at Embrace Pet Insurance, skin conditions are not our friends. That's because they are many times signs of chronic allergies, which often comes as a big surprise to our pet parents especially if the allergies are pre-existing :(.

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We've posted another job at Embrace Pet Insurance - a Customer Care Embracer. If you are applying,  please pay attention to the instructions at the bottom for best results.


Can you sell on the phone while educating pet parents about pet insurance?

Do you like to use your intelligence on a daily basis?

Does the challenge of creating a pet insurance culture in the US excite you?

Embrace Pet Insurance -- a fast-growing, fun-loving pet insurer in Mayfield Village -- is looking for bright, innovative, and highly motivated individuals who are comfortable using technology and have strong communication and sales skills.

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Which are better - cats or dogs Are you a dog person?

Or a cat person?

Are cats really better than dogs in your opinion?

Or not?

If you can't wait for the election to be over, then you'll really enjoy these two websites that use a political motif to get your vote on whether Cats Are Better or Dogs Are Better.

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At Embrace, we aren't perfect but we darn well try hard to be. We are mere mortals though and it seems like we spend all our time focusing on our failings instead of celebrating the good that we do.

So I wanted to share with you an email we received today from Donna. She sent it after we approved a pre-certification for bilateral elbow dysplasia surgery that Huck, her Bull Mastiff puppy, is going to have before Christmas.

Huck's estimated surgical bill is $5,900 and if the actual vet bills comes out the same as the estimate, we'll be paying just over $4,100 (Donna has a $500 annual deductible, 20% copay and no take-home drug coverage - annual premium $349.06.)

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Oh my goodness! After my post yesterday (Email Scam using Embrace Pet Insurance as a Lure - Bah!)about people purchasing pets online (and this includes monkeys of all things), a number of people contacted me confiding they had been duped - one to the tune of $1,300.


All of them asked what they can do to get their money back. If this happened to you (so sad :( ) I'm not sure you are going to see anything back but here's what I've found in my digging online on what you can do.

  • If you used Western Union, they can't get your money back for you (they are just a conduit to facilitate money transfer, they don't hold the money or anything) but they can shut down the other party. So, email them at and let them know what happened. They have more information on fraud online.
  • You can file a complaint online at the Internet Crime Complain Center run by the FBI. I'm not sure that much can be done for a complaint against someone in Cameroon but again, reporting it might help others.

There's more information on what you can do in this excellent article called What to Do If You Are Scammed Online.

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