Pet loss - recent happenings (continued)

On the same day I heard the sad news about my friend Yvonne's dog, Carmel, I was "friended" on Facebook by Nadine Rosin who has written a book called The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood. I guess it was meant to be.

We emailed back and forth a little on pet loss and Nadine highlighted the following passage from her book:

"And then there was the inevitable, “So when are you going to get a new dog?” or after three weeks one friend asked, “Aren’t you over it yet?” and “You were lucky she lived as long as she did, you should be happy about that” and so on. Soon I learned that I could take better care of myself by screening all my calls and not even returning some of them.

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Pet loss - recent happenings

Carmel_sleeping My blogging friend, Yvonne DiVita, told me the sad news that her dog and companion Carmel passed away last week. Yvonne guest blogged about Carmel amongst her other pets as part of my Me, My Pet, and I series.

Carmel came down with bloat, also known as gastric tortion, that was just too far gone to recover from.Yvonne blogged about Carmie's death here - it's a very touching read.

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Do we see Geico Pet Insurance on the horizon?

Richard Zatorski, a consulting actuary writing for the American Academy of Actuaries magazine, Contingencies, recently wrote an article on innovation in insurance. He starts off:

The insurance industry has rarely been known for its creativity and foresight with regard to the emerging needs of its customers. In fact, many recent policy changes have been attempts to clarify what isn’t covered as opposed to giving consumers more and better features to choose from.

Anyone living in Florida or on the gulf coast needing home owners insurance knows all about that.

He then goes on to talk about microtrends - "intense identity groups that are growing and have needs and wants unmet by the current crop of companies and marketers." (the book he references is Mark Penn’s book Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow’s Big Changes if you are interested in the topic.)

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Embraced pets: say hello to Bandit, a Cavalier King Charles puppy

Suzie_and_bandit You may recall back in July, I posted about Pixie, one of our Embraced dogs who died of dry drowning, not even a year old.

Well, we heard back from Suzie earlier this week when she bought an Embrace policy for Bandit, the latest Cavalier King Charles addition to her family.

I had emailed her to congratulate her on her new puppy and how happy all of us at Embrace Pet Insurance are for her, and this was her response:

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Job posting at Embrace Pet Insurance: veterinary technician position

If any of you live in the Cleveland area and are a veterinary technician looking for a change or happen to know one, then this job posting is for you. Check it out:

Welcome_to_our_officeEmbrace Pet Insurance: Veterinary Technician Job Posting

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