Celebrating the top posts for the Embrace Pet Insurance blog

Ruby_visits_the_office Hard to believe but it was 3 years ago today that I wrote the first pet insurance blog entry. Time flies, as they say, but boy, has a lot ever happened in that time.

So, in honor of our big day, I thought I'd share the top viewed posts from the blog:

  1. Saddle Thrombus in Cats - a description of this awful and mostly terminal condition. This blog post also has the most comments, most of which are heart rending. Get out the Kleenex's when reading this one.
  2. My Dog or Cat is Limping - what could that limp be? Post describes a number of different scenarios.
  3. Dog or Cat Protective Head Cone - could it be those great pictures on this post? What a strange one to be in the top 6
  4. Toe Amputations for Cats and Dogs - an odd but strangely interesting post on loosing a toe to illness or accident
  5. Perineal Urethrostomy: Description and Costs - an altogether ouchy topic for male cats but costly too
  6. Repairing a Tracheal Collapse in Dogs - another costly procedure for smaller dogs

Wonder what the next year's top posts will be - any suggestions for topics you'd like me to cover?

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