Embrace Pet Insurance featured in MainStreet.com article

Last week, Meredith Blake posted an article over at MainStreet.com on pet insurance titled "How Much Do You Love Your Pet?" . MainStreet is the online addition to TheStreet.com where Embrace has been covered before in an article on pet spending (we're such media hounds - LOL)

...But does pet insurance make sense for you? It all depends on the attitude you have towards your furry friend. “There’s a subset of pet owners who treat their pets like their children," says Bennett. "If you’re the kind of person who would pay whatever it takes to make them better, pet insurance really is for you. If your pet’s disposable, then it’s not. You have to ask-are you a pet owner, or a pet parent?”

Bennett stresses that insurance is really intended for unexpected medical emergencies—the animal equivalent of “catastrophic coverage” for humans—and generally is not designed to cover routine check-ups or basic preventative care. For most pet owners, it makes more sense to pay out of pocket for these occasional visits. What becomes prohibitively expensive are the unexpected mishaps, like an infection or a broken limb. And as advanced treatments like CAT scans, prescription drugs, and specialized surgery are becoming more available for pets, it’s easy to rack up thousands of dollars in veterinary costs.

“It used to be if your dog got cancer, there wasn’t much you could do. Now there are all sorts of choices,” explains Bennett. This might be great news for your pet, but it can be catastrophic for your budget.

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Ask Laura: what to do for a kitty cat's birthday?

While not exactly a pet health question, it's a fun one for a cloudy day.

Orange_cat_stockxchng_893364 I am planning on throwing a first birthday party for my kittens...they will be ONE on June 13..have any suggestions? I have two kittens...one is black/white female and the other is orange/white male. They are brother, sister. I still own the mother too, so I want to incorporate her into it as well...as a celebration for giving us the babies? :-)

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Embrace Pet Insurance featured in Entrepreneur Magazine April 2008

Embrace_pet_insurance_in_entreprene Alex and I were featured in an article on angel investing in the April 2008 edition of Entrepreneur Magazine.

The article is titled Experience Counts: The hunt for angel investors is tough enough. Finding one who offers more than money adds to the challenge--but it's worth it.

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Ski - a dog who recovered from a cruciate ligament injury without surgery

Ski_as_a_puppySki is a remarkable dog. In fact, a remarkable 3 year old Rottweiler who recovered from a cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) injury without surgery. Can you believe it?!

Cranial_cruciate_ligament_diagram For those not up on their doggie sports injuries, the cruciate ligament is one of the ligaments that holds the knee in place and most veterinarians recommend surgery if a cruciate ligament is torn.

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Pet food recall - one year later

It was one year ago that the first press release hit the wires on the recall and it just went from there. We were just by-standers watching it roll out but others such as Pet Connection, Itchmo, and PetSitUSA were on the ball for all of us and made a huge difference to our awareness of what was going on (although as many will note over the next few days, little has changed structurally.)

Gina just wrote a poignant summary of how it all started in her blog entry Where Were You a Year Ago. I'm sure there will be more.

Please give a thought to the thousands of pets that died and their pet parents who still mourn them. Time might heal but it doesn't change what happened.

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