Guest Blogger: Donna Lynes-Miller, Gourmet Station

Another instalment in the Me, My Pet and I blog series where I ask bloggers to reveal their pet-loving side.

Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing referred me to Donna, saying "Max's best friend [Toby's dog] is her dog Alex.  I know her story will be wonderful!" And she was right...

Angelinwindowe Every life should have at least one passion. You know what I mean….some aspect of the arts, raising children, religion. In my case the passion was unmistakably animals and I knew it from a very early age. I was blessed to have a show pony named Red Bird when I was pre-teens. She was our pride and joy always took “blue.” My first canine friend was a Chihuahua named Michelle (after the Beatles song of the same name). We adored each other – a mutual admiration society of two.

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20+ Pet Health Resources for Responsible Pet Owners

I continually research pet health issues and have a number of sources I regularly go to. After numerous requests from my compatriots to share the goodies, here are my favorite online resources on pet health in no particular order (I just numbered them so you could see there really were at least 20!)

Of course, you should see your own veterinarian if you suspect your pet has a health issue.

  1. AAHA Healthy Pet
    American Animal Hospital Association's pet owner site. Pain management, vaccine protocols, parasite protection, poison recognition all covered
  2. Cornell Feline Health Center
    Videos on caring for your diabetic cat, giving your cat a pill, taking your cat's temperature, and so on plus "Ask Elizabeth", a glossary of feline medical terms, and endless brochures on all aspects of a cat's health
  3. Doolitler
    Dr. Patty Khuly's discussions range from interesting cases that come through the door of her Miami practice, to pet issues of the day.
  4. Veterinary Cancer Society
    Organization of veterinary cancer specialists: medical, surgical, and radiation oncology, internists, pathologists, pharmacologists, and general practitioners. Lists current clinical research trials across the United States and veterinarians who are members in your area
  5. American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
    The ACVIM is the international certifying organization for veterinary specialists in large animal internal medicine, small animal internal medicine, cardiology, oncology, and neurology. Find a specialist near you
  6. The CSU Animal Cancer Center
    Based out of Colorado State University's College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, the Animal Cancer Center is loaded with all kinds of quality information on pet cancer. Treatments, what to expect, FAQ, nutrition - you name it, it's there
    This is Dr. Foster & Smith's site for expert pet health information. Categorized by species (cat, dog, bird, reptile, etc.) and topic (diseases & organ systems, nutrition, behavior issues, parasites, first aid and emergencies). Also includes some interesting case studies
  8. Embrace Pet Insurance
    Website loaded with information about pet insurance. Do you need it? What features should you care about? How to compare pet insurance policies. [I know, I'm totally biased on this one but we set it up to be the place to go online for information on pet insurance in general - check it out and see if I'm right]
  9. The Pet Center
    The virtual veterinary hospital covering all topics on pet health. Categorized by Waiting Room, Exam Room, Surgery, Radiology, and Pharmacy, includes hundreds of articles and even images of actual dog and cat surgery cases   
  10. Society of Endovascular Veterinary Surgery
    Organization that is pioneering the science of minimally invasive therapy through educating and training veterinarians, conducting research, and establishing standards of care. Case studies on feline intrahepatic portosystemic shunt and collapsing trachea
    A website by non-veterinarians chock full of practical tips on understanding and dealing with diabetes in cats and dogs. Includes useful info such as pictorial series of taking blood from a dog's tail or lip. 
  12. College of Veterinary Medicine at Urbana-Champaign
    Includes pet columns, a searchable database of weekly articles on a pet health topic, and contact information for a pet loss grief help line
  13. Millie's Millions
    An organization dedicated to helping pet wwners deal with their dog's cancer, the site has a video center for cancer FAQs, a cancer research and resource center, and a mentorship center
  14. Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine
    Large database of plain-english articles written by veterinary students and categorized on procedures, common problems, diseases, and misc. healthcare topics. 
  15. Wikipedia
    A searchable reader-generated encyclopedia of information on just about anything (and if it's not there, you can add it). Since any of hte information here can be edited by anyone on the web, you might want to cross-reference the content against other reputable sources and your vet to be sure it is correct.
  16. Your Pet's Best Friend
    Blog written by a small town vet covering case studies. Very readable and entertaining.
  17. Animal Poison Control Center
    ASPCA's resource for any animal poison-related emergency, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you think that your pet may have ingested a potentially poisonous substance, call (888) 426-4435
  18. Toronto Vet
    Vet practicing in Toronto Canada discusses the cases he sees
  19. Veterinary Radiology
    VeterinaryRadiology provides primary and continuing education on veterinary radiology. While it's aimed at students of radiology and clinicians looking for digestible “chunks” of continuing education, it's a fascinating read for vet-geek lay people.
  20. Merck Veterinary Manual
    Put together by Merck and Merial, this covers the majority of conditions you might find in small or large domestic animals.
  21. Your favorite here.

Which websites do you find useful when researching pet health and why?

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Donate to Best Friends Animal Society


"A better world through kindness to animals"

Since we announced the Embrace Pet Insurance alliance with the Best Friends Animal Society, several people have asked me how they can donate to Best Friends.

The easiest way is to go online and make a donation directly - just click the button up above and you're on your way. Or fax or mail in a donation in using this form.

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Guest Blogger: Lea on what dog mom geeks do on lunch!


While on the phone with a pet parent client recent, one of our office dogs barked or whined, and when she heard the noise in the background she asked "Are you working from home?" She was quite surprised when I told her that no, we just bring our dogs to work.

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Our Visit to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Jonathan Schultz, our Director of Business Development, went out to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah just before Christmas to meet with Embrace's new alliance partners. He writes about his visit in his first guest post.

Decjan3_011 I had the privilege of visiting the Best Friends Animal Society sanctuary for several days last month, and I must say, I was amazed at what they have done. I had read their book, and had seen some pictures, but didn’t really have a great grasp of life at the sanctuary until I got there. It is set in the spectacular canyon country in Southern UT, near Zion, Bryce Canyon, and the Grand Decjan3_016_2Canyon. The views of the mesas and desert from the sanctuary are beautiful, and the employees and pets are outside to enjoy the scenery everyday.

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