Evangelism at its best

Cat_in_a_birdhouse What can I say but go check out this review of the Embrace Pet Insurance claims process by Mo over at Invisible Voices. Mo previously wrote an excellent guide to pet insurance claims and has written quite a bit on her experiences with pet insurance on that blog.

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Ask Laura: when to get continuing care?

Here's a question that was posted for me over at the Invisible Voices discussion about pet insurance.


Let’s say in the year 1 I don’t get “continuing care” coverage and my cat gets sick. Embrace covers the vet bills. In the year two when I’m renewing my policy, do I then have an option of still purchasing continuing care, or not? If I do, that means that in the first year of insuring you don’t need to purchase continuing care.  Jane



In the scenario you describe, you can pick up the continuing care option in year 2 but any illnesses in the first year would be considered pre-existing for the continuing care option going forward. In other words, you have to get continuing care now to have it apply to illnesses that occur in the first year.

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Purina starts to rev the pet insurance engine

Scratchings_and_sniffings_2 Over at the Scratchings and Sniffings blog, Dr. Larry has posted a commentary on his thoughts on pet insurance.

Scratchings and Sniffings blog is the pet blog written by Yvonne Divita and sponsored by Purina. This post definitely looks like a "warm up the market" post for the pending Purina Pet Insurance launch due sometime soon.

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Actuarial Pioneer: Laura Bennett, pet insurance actuary

Cool_headshotSoa_new The Society of Actuaries (SOA) has been building a list of the top 100 actuarial "Pioneers" as part of building the awareness of the actuarial field. To be on it, you have to be "an actuary who has blazed a trail for actuaries by creating a new application for actuarial science, or one who is among the first to apply the actuarial skill set in a non-traditional setting."

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"Mo’s How-to guide on getting the most out of pet insurance" on Invisible Voices

If you ever wanted a very practical and relevent summary of how to get the most out of your pet insurance, check out the guide written by Mo(-the-Magnificent), which is hosted very kindly by Deb(-the-Delightful) over at Invisible Voices.

Mo has seen it all with pet insurance and lived to tell her tail (er- tale) on Deb's many pet insurance threads. It's an absolutely fascinating read, particularly if you have any knowledge of the pet insurance companies on the market (maybe even without :))

All pet insurers should read all the discussions on pet insurance. The claim experience is where the rubber hits the road with pet insurance and if we don't collectively do better as an industry, we are never going to get beyond the flighty image of pet insurance in the US.

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