Embrace Pet Insurance Now Covers Chronic and Recurring Illnesses

Embrace_pet_insurance_logo_2 Our latest press release titled Embrace Pet Insurance Now Covers Chronic and Recurring Illnesses draws attention to the fact that it is important to have chronic and recurring illness coverage in your pet insurance policy as not every company does (and they aren't very upfront about that fact so you don't want to get caught out - always check).

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Embraced Pets: Isabelle and Sebastian, yellow Labradors from Santa Clarita, California

Isabelle_and_sebastian_embraced_pet Meet Isabelle and Sebastian, two happy yellow labradors from Santa Clarita, California.  Shown in the picture as puppies, they're 5 years old now.  Their mom says "They're a whole lot bigger now, but still just as cute."

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Looking for a veterinary surgeon in the US or Canada?

We had a question in a comment that I thought was worth elevating to a full post since the answer we provided is useful to everyone looking for a surgeon. The original post was "Reparing a Tracheal Collapse in Dogs" and Bob's question is in a comment is attached

Pomeranian_courtesy_of_chris_cheeve Question:

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The importance of customer service for pet insurance

One of the issues we have to contend with at Embrace Pet Insurance is poor customer service. Not ours, but that of our competitors. 

John_and_kiras_raspberry_chocolates Suppose someone gave you the most delicious chocolate in the world. You would be able to tell pretty quickly if you agree with that assessment or not. Just one bite would pretty well do it - it's immediate and obvious.

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Join the "I've been Embraced by Embrace Pet Insurance" Facebook Group

Facebook_logo Well, it just had to happen. I've been having fun in Facebook and have set up a group called "I've been Embraced by Embrace Pet Insurance". You'll need to sign in or be signed in to access it.

It's a bit of fun but I'm also hoping that it will be a place for Embraced people to hang out, chat, and generally enjoy one another's company (and even talk about pet insurance if it crosses our minds).

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