Embrace Pet Insurance launches its new website

Embrace_quote_panel_2 Drum roll pleeease! After many months and many many long days and nights of hard work, the Embrace Pet Insurance updated website was launched today. 

You can:

Learn about pet insurance in general and Embrace specifically;

Compare the market’s pet insurance policies and products; and

Quote and buy an Embrace policy online

We'd love to get your thoughts and comments on the site. And just to make it easy, we’ve put a feedback button on every page for you to do just that, good and bad (yes, we Embrace all kinds of comments).

So, if you feel the site is worthy, please pass it on to all your pet parent friends. We couldn’t do it without you…

Pet food recall update

Menufoods_income_fund_logo_2  As you likely know by now, the massive pet food recall initiated by Menufoods has been expanded.

Now, they have recalled all cans of the brands on the list (53 brands on the dog list, 42 brands on the cat list), not just the date codes originally listed.

You may have heard some conflicting stories about the recall in the media - given the large impact of the story on pet owners, it's hard for the media not to fall over themselves to get a story out first even if it's a little light on facts.

Gina_spadafori_2 So, I did a little patrol on the blogs I read and Gina Spadafori's website, Pet Connection stands out at being value added on the topic. If you don't know Gina, she's a syndicated columnist and author who is a passionate pet parent and writes very eloquently and to the point about pets, amongst other things.

Gina has been collecting information from pet owners on possible deaths related to the recall and reports that nearly 2,000 pets have been reported as deceased to the PetConnection database. Holy cow! That's a lot of sad families :(

So please, check out her site for the latest information and commentary on the pet food recall.

And if you suspect your pet has been affected by eating tainted food, please take her to the vet immediately.

Update: I just read an email update from Tracie Hotchner (pet expert and author too) on her take on the pet food recall - it certainly brings up some very interesting questions and you can read the whole article here.

But the one thing I wanted to note was that she mentions the following:

"There is now a place where pet owners can go to register information if they believe their animals have been affected. Go to the Food and Drug Administration from this link. Up until now, a number of pet websites and communities have been trying to function as clearing houses but ultimately there will not be much credibility for locations in which people “self-report” incidents. We hope this will provide some impact. But I wouldn’t hold my breath – we’re all waiting to exhale here."

Embrace Pet Insurance on Startup Studio

Startup_studio_logo_2 Last September, a Wharton friend of mine put me in touch with Betsy Flanagan, a talented entrepreneur with an interesting business idea involving podcasts and entrepreneurs. Betsy interviews a variety of entrepreneurs and she posts a weekly podcast from the interview on her website Startup Studio.

You should see some of the people on her site - George Foreman (yes, THE lean, mean grilling machine), Tazo Tea founder Steve Smith, and Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest (ding - you are free to move about the country) - to name a few.

So check out this week's podcast - it's me chit chatting about Embrace Pet Insurance, what it's taken to get to where we are now, and the emotional side of entrepreneurship. And you get to hear my English accent. Yes, it also sounds strange to me too.

In the US, more money is spent each year on cats and dogs than on babies. My guest is Laura Bennett, the co-founder of Embrace Pet Insurance, a company that is partnering with Lloyds of London to offer health insurance for pets. The market is enormous. In the US alone, there are 73 million dogs and 90 million cats and projected annual growth of insurance premiums is 45%. Embrace Pet Insurance was launched in 2003 after Laura and her partner won the annual Wharton Business Plan Competition, beating out dozens of Internet and technology ventures. Despite this strong start, it took over three years before the company could sell their first policy. Tune in to hear how Laura persevered and made her dream a reality.

[I'll put a permanent link to the article when there is one]

Embrace Pet Insurance in Business 2.0

Business_20_logo If you are a reader of Business 2.0, you might have seen an article called Franchise This Five New Business Opportunities That Are Ahead of the Curve mentioning Embrace Pet Insurance. It's lovely to be mentioned by such a well-read magazine, but unfortunately it implies we franchise our business, which is not the case.

We really appreciate the interested inquiries though. Hopefully you can buy a policy or two while you are visiting our site :)

Embrace Pet Insurance covers hereditary diseases with no dollar or time limits per condition

Winston_and_peaches_2 Here's an interesting fact about Embrace Pet Insurance's coverage:

We cover hereditary diseases with no dollar or time limits per condition. The only limits that apply to your payouts are your annual maximum and possibly your annual continuing care maximum (if applicable). But once your policy renews, your maximums reset and you start afresh.

Note that we have no per incident limits, no per body system limits, and no per lifetime limits.

Now, isn't that good news?

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