Pet Realty Network

Pet_realty_network_1 A while ago, Rhona Sutter, founder and head of Pet Protect down in Naples Florida, told me that she was working on something very interesting to do with pets (see blog entry Pet Protect On Hold for the Moment).

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Embrace Pet Insurance staff picture January 4, 2007

You may remember that we had an Embrace staff photo day at the beginning of January - a fun day with cats, dogs, and our office hamster. Well, here's the whole gang on the day.

Embrace_pet_insurance_staff_jan_4_2007_2 From left to right:

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Embrace Pet Insurance: policy maximums

Winston_and_peaches There are many different types of maximums a pet insurance product can have. I talk about many of them in this article here. In summary, maximums usually include a selection of per incident, per annum, per body system, and per lifetime maximums.

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Embrace Pet Insurance wins a Microsoft Pinnacle Award

Pawprint_of_approval A large pawprint of approval!

We've been converting over to our new back office system based on Microsoft CRM. It's been a slower process than we'd thought but we're nearly there. You'll see some of the benefits of that hard work when we launch our new website in a few weeks time.

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How big is the pet insurance market in the US?

Jakob_dillon_and_emma_bean A lot of articles on pet insurance quote the APPMA's statistics on how many pet parents have pet insurance in the US. Here is an excerpt from an APPMA press release on pet trends for 2006:

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