Embrace Pet Insurance: $2 charitable donation for every policy sold

Another announcement from Embrace.

For every policy sold, we will donate $2 to a pet-related charity. So you can do good for the pet community by doing good for your own pets.

We've already made our first donation to The Friends of the City of Cleveland Kennel and hope to make a lot more donations in the near future. Watch this space for our charitbable donation stories.


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Embrace Pet Insurance: no-fee policy

Stack_of_money There's nothing worse than getting nickle and dimed every time you want to make a change to your policy. The banks do it all the time, most of the other pet insurers do it all the time, and we started to go down that garden path until I came to my senses.

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Toe amputations for cats and dogs

You don't normally think about toe amputations for cats and dogs but it does happen and can have an impact on the animal's walk.

Impact of Toe Amputation

Dogs and cats have five toes with the dew claw being the first toe, which is not in contact with the ground. That leaves four toes that actually support the dog or cat.

The third and fourth toes are the weight bearing toes and are missed the most by a dog or cat even if only one of them is amputated. If a weight bearing toe is amputated, cats and small breed dogs are less likely to be lame than larger breed dogs. Even though the second and fifth toes are important, they are not major weight bearing toes and dogs and cats do quite well if these are removed.

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Millie's Million Purse

I've mentioned Millie's Million before in my blog (see Coping with your dog's cancer) - it's a charity formed to help pet owners find support and information about dogs who have been diagnosed with cancer. For more information, check out the Millie's Million website.

Millie's Million is based in Chagrin Falls, a suburb of Cleveland, which happens to be about three miles from my house, but I only met Debbie Celli who runs the charity earlier this month for the first time at the blogging event I presented at. It was a pleasure to meet someone so commited to helping others who are going through the same thing she did with her dog Millie - whom I met the other day too.

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Embrace Pet Insurance: continuing care coverage

Calvin_sitting_in_the_dishwasher Just so you know exactly what some of the terms in my prior post on Embrace Pet Insurance's pre-existing conditions mean:

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