Question: does Embrace Pet Insurance cover ongoing illnesses such as diabetes?

Here's an excellent question that a pet parent asked us recently.

If I have a policy and then my cat develops a condition like diabetes, would coverage for that be excluded when I renew each year after that?

Answer: It depends on the policy choice you make. If you take the Continuing Care endorsement, the diabetes is covered as long as you pay your premiums (up to a maximum that is one quarter of your total annual maximum); however, if you do not choose the Continuing Care endorsement, the diabetes would become a pre-existing condition at renewal.

We do highly recommend taking the Continuing Care endorsement but we offer the choice as the endorsement adds more cost to the policy.

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Embrace Pet Insurance covers genetic and congenital conditions for cats and dogs

Kayla_and_neilVeterinary costs vary greatly by dog and cat breed.

For example, Labrador Retrievers are more prone to arthritis, hip dysplasia, and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) than mixed breed dogs. And Himalayan and Bengal cats are more prone to having Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).

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EWomen Network presentation information

Ewomennetwork Right now (yes right at the time when this was posted), I'm presenting at the Cleveland eWomenNetwork lunch on blogging, my first official presentation on blogging (although I'm always talking about it all the time to anyone who'll listen).

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Embrace Pet Insurance premiums vary by location

Rural_road_1Veterinary costs vary greatly by location.

For example, a few weeks ago, a veterinarian friend told me that she saw a $4,000 bill for a blocked cat that had perineal urethrostomy surgery at a referral hospital in Colorado. The same treatment and surgery at a clinic in Vermont cost $1,200 - less than a third!Manhattan

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Embrace Pet Insurance 30-day money-back guarantee

Hello_human_2When I got my new car a few years ago, I was very nervous about making such a big decision because I had never bought a car before. I would have loved to have had a 30-day trial period where I got to drive my new car to work every day, check out the real gas mileage, and make sure I could really fit in two car seats and all the baby gear needed for a week's trip. I'm sure I would have felt much more comfortable about such an important purchase in my life.

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