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GroganblogOk, now I feel really behind the times. There's a Marley and Me blog by John Grogan and it's been going since July 2005 and I only just found it. How could I have missed it?

It just goes to show that it's hard to find the diamonds in the rough in the blogosphere.

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Lily has a sore eye

I noticed Lily slightly closed her right eye when we first got her but nothing developed. She did sneeze for a few days but that went away by the end of her 14-day quarantine and so I figured she'd be fine to let out with Barnes.

Now, a month or so later, she has an eye infection in both eyes and started sneezing again. She seems perfectly fine apart from the head cold and eye issues as she's been chasing bugs all round the back yard and pouncing on my computer wires - never a dull moment around Lily.

So, I took her to the vet yesterday and got some antibacterial ointment. The costs were as follows (July 2006 Cleveland Ohio):

Office Visit Follow Up                              27.50

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New pet insurance company in the US?

There was an announcement earlier this week that Bethel Holdings, Inc. changed its name to Direct Pet Health Holdings, Inc., which

"is an innovative, fully funded, and financially stable new corporation that offer innovative pet health insurance products and services at discounted prices to consumers, corporations, and organizations."

Assuming they are selling, or are planning to sell, pet insurance, this is a new pet health insurance company in the US. I haven't found anything else out about them and what they are offering yet but I'll let you know when I do.

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New York Times - Cat and Dog Obesity

There was an interesting article about pet obesity in the NYT on July 18, 2006: Wonder Where That Fat Cat Learned to Eat? by Jane E. Brody (free subscription to read the article for the first few weeks).

“Obesity is considered one of the most common nutritional problems in cats and dogs,” two scientists from the University of California, Davis, reported last year at the Waltham International Nutritional Sciences Symposium in Washington. “Studies in Western Europe and the United States have indicated that more than 24 percent of dogs and about 25 percent of domestic cats are obese,” the veterinarians, Jon J. Ramsey and Kevork Hagopian, noted. The findings were published this month in The Journal of Nutrition.

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Thanks for the smile VPI

Vpi_ad_in_healthy_pet Sorry VPI but I just had to post this very amusing misprint - please just look at it as "any PR is good PR".

In the latest HealthyPet magazine (Summer 2006 edition), the phone number was misprinted in VPI's advertisement.

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