Inexpensive spay, neuter,&vaccinations

Medicine_1Bringing a cat or dog into the family has a big financial commitment attached - you don't even know how much it will be until after it happens. However, there are costs that you can plan for in advance, such as spaying, neutering and vaccinating your pet.

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WSJ article on pet stocks surviving tough markets

Wsj_online Did you see the Wall Street Journal article by Karen Richardson on Monday about how stocks in pet-related companies seem to survive tough markets? The article made some points I thought you'd be interested in reading (note that the link is to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that syndicated the WSJ article, instead of the actual article in the WSJ, which is subscription-only):

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How to adopt a cat or dog

Lily_smiling_in_her_dreamsI promised you yesterday that I would tell you about how I adopted Lily just so you get the idea of how it works.

John, Ellie, Erin and I headed down to the Animal Protective League on Saturday afternoon. There were so many extra cats to adopt, their portable cages lined the hallway by the front desk. We wandered from cage to cage to cage examining the cats while Ellie exclaimed "Kitty!" every time. Pretty well all the cats looked content and relaxed - it must have been snooze time.

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Introducing Lily

Lily Last week I talked about my visit to the Animal Protective League here in Cleveland and mentioned my family was going to adopt a cat.

Well, we went down on Saturday afternoon and adopted Lily (her name was Carrie but since she was a stray, we figured it was just a placeholder until we could think of her real name).

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Poll Result: How did you pick your pet's name?

Jack_russell_puppyDrum roll please... the results are:

From TV show or movie: 12%

From someone else's pet: 6%

Baby name book: 6%

Came with name: 18%

Out of thin air: 59%

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