unusual brands for pet insurance in the UK

There are over 80 brands of pet insurance in the UK, backed by maybe 10 underwriters. Here are some of the more unusual brands for pet insurance.

Kwik-Fit are experts in automotive parts repair and replacement including tyres, exhausts, brakes and MoT testing.
Halfords is the UK's leading retailer for car maintenance, car enhancement, and leisure accessories for cars.
Virgin - one of the most respected brands in Britain - is now becoming the first global brand name of the 21st century.They are involved in planes, trains, finance, soft drinks, music, mobile phones, holidays, cars, wines, publishing, bridal wear - the lot!
Superdrug is a UK based health & beauty retailer, offering great value on the high street.
The Southampton Football Club is an English premier league football team (aka soccer in the US)

A lot of new cats and dogs every year

Sleeping_cats_1 In the UK, one of the British speakers at the pet insurance conference I was at last week said that the UK pet population recycles itself every 14 years, so there are about 1.1 million cats and dogs born in the UK each year as replacements.

If you were to apply this rough rule of thumb to the US pet population of approximately 164 million cats and dogs (according to the APPMA), that means there are about 11.7 million new cats and dogs born each year.

That's a lot of cats and dogs to find homes for indeed.

1st International Pet Insurance Conference 2006


I was lucky enough to attend the first ever International Pet Insurance Conference in Birmingham, UK last week (April 19 & 20, 2006) along with many of my pet insurance colleagues from many different companies from around the world. I'll be passing on some tidbits I learned while I was there in this blog over the next couple of weeks.

What was my biggest learning? That the UK pet insurers look just like the US insurers but bigger. The products and issues all seem to be the same, just with a different accent.

How to choose the right pet health insurance

Pet insurance is becoming a more popular financial service if you just look at the number of articles that are popping up in reputable media sources about the topic.

For example, the April edition of Smart Money had a lengthy article on the pros and cons of pet insurance and check out this recent MSNBC article about how to choose pet insurance. It's not a bad article as it actually mentions more than one pet insurer; however, the article doesn't cover the important aspects of a pet insurance policy.

Msnbc_pet_insurance_article The MSNBC article sums up the need for pet insurance as follows:

“There is no discounting the human-animal bond,” says McConnell. “When your cat is the reason you get up in the morning, and you are in the vet’s office being told there is a procedure that will save its life, you are willing to find a way to pay.” Having pet insurance can make doing so that much easier.

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How many dogs do you have?

Here is the poll summary for this week. Interestly, a quarter of you don't have a dog. Does that mean you have a cat, an iguana, a parakeet instead? Or just looking for information on dogs as you are planning to get one.

Scarlet_lets_loose_on_a_chipmunk_feb06 None:               23%

One:                23%

Two:                38%

Three:              8%

More than 3:      8%

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