Meds or Poison? It Can Depend On the Patient

Pet Meds

Poisonings are seen every day in veterinary hospitals. But, guess what, it is not your neighbor poisoning your dog because he doesn’t like him barking. Sometimes it’s us, the owners, who are the perpetrators of the poisoning. Not on purpose. It is a combination of carelessness on our part, paired with the devious curiosity of your dog, or the evilness of your cat knocking things off the counters because…well just because. And, sometimes, it’s due to us wanting to save a couple bucks and getting medications online or buying the knock-off meds at the pet store.

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Pet Poisoning Podcast with Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Sometimes it can feel like the world is a bit of a scary place, perhaps a bit more harmful than it seemed growing up at least. We reached out to Dr. Patrick Mahaney to get some perspective on poisoning, specifically those items that most affect pets.

We asked Dr. Patrick:

  • For some updates on the risks of pet marijuana ingestion, now that the legalization of marijuana has been in effect a while.
  • If America’s opioid epidemic is having an effect on pets?
  • Which household product top his list of pet poisons?

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Warm Weather is On the Way... We Hope!

March Intro - Manny

In some parts of the country, 65 degrees is considered chilly. Sweater weather. Here in Cleveland, Ohio, what seems like the un-official gray sky city, when it hit 65 on a Saturday in February, mass numbers of families hit the Cleveland Metropark Zoo to soak up the sun. It feels remarkable to see so many human faces after a few long, dark months. People are so happy. Friendly. Grateful.

The real first day of spring is just a few days away. (Okay, more like weeks, but, as I said, in Cleveland, we look on the bright side.) So this month we wanted to practice a little gratitude and optimism, looking forward to spring and all things that come with it. We’ll be grateful for a chance to dust off the cobwebs, so we’ll talk about spring cleaning and what that means for pet owners. We’ll talk a little about poison prevention, happy to share what we’ve learned during Poison Prevention Awareness Week. And we’ll have some other fun posts, because nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a little sun on your face.

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Dental Discussions with Dr. Patrick Mahaney

It always helps us gain a little perspective when we spend a few minutes talking to Dr. Mahaney about pet dental topics. It feels like a year goes by and we might have ignored our pets teeth entirely, but it’s a good idea to stop for a few minutes and give it some thought. Much easier to think about it pro-actively than wait until it’s a headache.

In this podcast we learn:

  • About preventing dental disease.
  • If brushing your pet’s teeth is helpful.
  • If certain pet foods or chews are better for your pet’s teeth.
  • What your vet really wants you to know about pet dental care.

More from Dr. Mahaney next month as we talk Spring and seasonal pet issues. Feel free to post your questions for our team in the comments.

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Welcome to National Pet Dental Health Month

Pet Dental MonthConfession time: I’m about a year past due on Kayden’s dental cleaning.

Don’t judge. His teeth aren’t terrible. They’re not causing him problems. But I know they could be soon. Putting off this cleaning, especially now that he’s getting a tad older, could be problematic for not only his oral healthy but his general health. His heart and digestive system could be affected by infection or dental disease. And the dental cleaning process is less traumatic when done as a preventative measure, before there’s an issue.

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