Canine Orthopedic Exam & Waiver Process

When you purchase an Embrace policy for your dog, the standard waiting period for orthopedic issues is 6 months (for other accidents and illnesses it is 14 days). You may be able to reduce it to 14 days if you take him to your veterinarian for a simple Orthopedic Exam.

The orthopedic exam must occur after you purchase your policy.

What Exactly Is an Orthopedic Exam?

A simple examination your veterinarian performs on your dog's skeleton, joints, and ligaments to see if he has any orthopedic issues.

Your vet will record findings on the Embrace Ortho Exam Report Card after examining the following areas:

  • The hips and legs for signs of hip dysplasia, luxating patellas (slipping knee caps) and cruciate ligament tears
  • The shoulders and forelimbs for signs of elbow dysplasia and osteochondritis dissecans
  • The spine for signs of intervertebral disc disease
  • All joints for signs of arthritis
  • All bones for signs of fractures and bone cancers

No other diagnostic tests or procedures such as X-rays are required, just a physical exam.

When Can I Get an Orthopedic Exam?

Any time from the day your policy starts (the day after you bought your policy). If the examination is performed within the first 14 days, your orthopedic waiting period will be reduced to 14 days as well. If it's past the 14 days, your waiting period is reduced to the day of your Orthopedic Exam.

Unfortunately we cannot accept examinations carried out before your policy's official start date.

What Exactly Do I Need To Do?

  • Download a copy of your pet's Orthopedic Exam Report Card.
  • Arrange for your veterinarian to examine your dog. Have your veterinarian complete and sign the form.
  • Fax the completed and signed form to us toll-free at (800) 238-1042.

We will acknowledge receipt of the form and let you know where your orthopedic waiting period stands.

What If I Don't Like the Outcome?

There are two possible outcomes of an orthopedic examination:

  • Your veterinarian finds there are no orthopedic issues to report. Great! Your waiting period is reduced to 14 days or the date of the examination if later.
  • Your veterinarian reports that your dog has one or more orthopedic issues. For the unaffected areas, your waiting period is reduced to 14 days or the date of the examination if later. For the affected areas, the conditions are permanent (e.g. a prior broken bone) or chronic (e.g. a luxating patella). These conditions are not curable and will be permanently excluded from your dog's coverage.

If your orthopedic exam reveals there are pre-existing conditions that impact his coverage in such a way that you don't wish to continue the policy, you can take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee. Embrace offers this unconditional money-back guarantee to all new customers.

If your orthopedic exam is conducted after the first 30 days of your policy term and you choose to discontinue your policy, we will issue you a refund of unused premium.

Is The Cost Of The Exam Covered By My Policy?

The exam is not covered by your insurance policy but if you have Embrace Wellness Rewards, that will reimburse you for the exam.