Embraced Pet Archive - July 2013

Pet of the Month

Tinkerbell - Pet of Month July


Breed: Boxer
Pet Parent: Kelly C.
Location: Bonney Lake, WA

Age: 3 months old
Embraced Since: 6/6/2013

Why we love her:
We're pretty sure that Tinkerbell is the exact definition of "adorable."

Pets of the Week

 Dollie - Pet of the Week July 2013Dollie, selected 7/25/2013

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Pet Parent: Erica L.
Location: Millersburg, OH

Age: 4 months old
Embraced Since: 6/26/2013

Why we love her: Schnauzers always look so intelligent - Dollie is no different!

 Sophie - Pet of the Week July 2013Sophie, selected 7/18/2013

Breed: Dom. Longhair
Pet Parent: Sara D.
Location: Manchester, NH

Age: 9 years old
Embraced Since: 3/9/2013

Why we love her: We're not sure how Sophie wiggled in that open window but she seems to be enjoying the sun!

Bosie - Pet of the Week July 2013 Bosie, selected 7/11/2013

Breed: Toy Fox Terrier
Pet Parent: Craig W.
Location: Emeryville, CA

Age: 7 years old
Embraced Since: 8/21/2009

Why we love him: Bosie looks just too cute covered in suds. We hope you're enjoying that bath, buddy!

Snicker-Doodle - Pet of the Week July 2013 Snicker-Doodle, selected 7/3/2013

Breed: Dom. Shorthair
Pet Parent: Jennifer M.
Location: Honolulu, HI

Age: 10 years old
Embraced Since: 6/4/2013

Why we love him: Snick-Doodle is looking quite dapper in his blue bow and Notre Dame Fighting Irish leash.