Clix Dog Harness for Car Safety

Lea Jaratz
Clix Dog Car Harness

Have you ever seen a dog hanging his head out a car window and not smiled? It’s not possible. I’m sure there’s science to prove it. While I am all in favor of hitting the open road with the dog as your co-pilot, I cringe when I see a dog jumping around in a car. First, it’s a terrible distraction for the driver and could cause a serious accident. Second, if you were to be in an accident, your dog would be a projectile and likely to sustain serious injuries. Third, a loose dog may prohibit rescue workers from attending to passengers or may run away and become lost during the chaos.

Now that I’ve all but killed your summer road trip buzz, stay with me for just another second. There’s a simple way to prevent all of these awful scenarios: Clix Carsafe. This harness serves as a regular walking harness but clicks directly into your car’s seat belt lock. For this PSA, we’ve asked Embracer Melissa to test it out on her little girl, Hannah. (Melissa’s used another car harness in the past, with a loop mechanism, so we’re doing an overall comparison.)

The Clix Carsafe:

  • Easily put on the dog
  • Easier to fasten dog into the car, since the harness buckles right into the seat belt receiver
  • More significantly limits the range of motion. (From Melissa: “This is important for our car-phobic dog who has escaped the other harness, or sometimes tries to jump off the seat. She is able to get just far enough off the seat in the other harness that is can be dangerous while driving.”)
  • The seat belt material has good-quality construction with nice padding on the straps and chest piece

Some considerations:

  • With the Clix Carsafe, you cannot fasten the dog to a leash before unbuckling the dog. Melissa says: “This is critical with our scared dog who tries to jump out of the car as soon as possible. With the other harness, I am able to fasten her leash, then unbuckle her.” This issue poses a similar risk to crating a dog in a car so you may need to overcome with training or it may depend on your car’s layout as to whether this is a concern.
  • It’s unlikely that this harness would be worn during the day when off-leash like a standard walking harness, because the metal car seat adapter dangles from the harness. This may be a pet peeve for some that like to leave the harness on all day.

So, are you and your pup ready to pack your bags and put some road behind you? Or maybe you just want to take your dog for a ride as you hit the drive-thru for some soft serve? No matter your speed, we’ve got a Clix Carsafe giveaway for you:

Disclosure: The Water Bowl received promotional samples of the Clix Carsafe for the purposes of this review. One additional product will be given by the sponsor for the contest prize. Embrace has not received any financial compensation in exchange for this review.

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