Accident Claims

Accidents involving our pets can happen at any time. Many accidents will require a visit to your regular veterinarian but serious accidents often require a visit to the veterinary ER where bills can add up fast. And follow up care can just make financial matters worse.

See how other pet parents have benefited from pet insurance coverage to help protect them from unforeseen accidents.

Vet Bill

Claim Story

Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tear, Foreign Body, Gastroenteritis and Mast Cell Tumor
Isabelle the Cane Corso managed to tear her cruciate ligament (ACL), swallow a foreign object, develop gastroenteritis and have a mast cell tumor all in the same year.
Cat Recovers from Car Accident
A preliminary exam for Squiggy the cat showed several fractures (his back was broken in two places) and internal bleeding.
Labrador Mix Hit By Car
After sneaking out of the house, Snickers was hit by a passing car.
Dog Tears His Cruciate Ligament (ACL)
X-rays were done to diagnose Barron with not one, but two partially torn ACLs which required two separate surgeries and several weeks of recovery.
Dog Attacked By Bear
While out for a walk, Oddjob had an altercation with a bear.
Cat Swallows Ribbon
Carly, a 3 year old Domestic Shorthair, ate over 36 inches of ribbon but didn't show signs of a problem for days.
Scottish Terrier Hit By Car
Poor Sorin the Scotty suffered a fractured pelvis after being hit by a car. The resulting surgery and recovery time were more than his parents ever expected.
Cat Trapped in Car Engine
Caught unaware hiding in a car engine, Fletcher was badly injured. Veterinarians treated and surgically corrected Fletcher's fractured tibia.
Dangerous Snake Bites for a Great Dane
In one year, Aragon the Great Dane has three encounters with snakes and lives to tell the tale.
Yorkipoo Attacked by Dog
Jojo was attacked when a neighbor's dog broke through a fence.
Freak Accident Results in a Broken Leg for a Cat
Gilbert the cat has a freak accident in the kitchen which results in a broken leg and large vet bill.
Biceps Tendinopathy for a Dockdiving Retriever
Kiara, a Black Labrador Retriever, underwent a bilateral shoulder arthroscopy and radio-frequency treatment for her biceps tendinopathy.
Cat's Femoral Fracture Requires FHO
Cody's broken leg would require surgery to remove the femoral head and neck.
Postoperative complications in a Great Dane Mix
Soon after coming home from being neutered, Tundra started bleeding from his incision.
Cat Attacked by Coyote
If not for the quick work of her pet parent, Maxine would have been whisked away by a coyote.
Neapolitan Mastiff Tears Cruciate Ligament (ACL)
Mastiff Bane’s poor mum had to drive 2 hours to find a veterinary hospital that could fit all 160 lbs of him into its x-ray machine! The result: a torn ACL.
Cat Swallows Shoelace
Maxx got into a garbage can and snacked on a shoelace.
Gastric Torsion (bloat)
One night Kylie was restless and trying to vomit but was unable to do so. She was rushed to the veterinary ER where X-rays were taken and she was diagnosed with bloat.
Foreign Body Ingestion - Clothing
Three-year-old Ozzie is like many dogs and could not resist scrounging in the dirty laundry basket for a snack.
Akita Puppy Attacked In Yard
Storm, a 7 month old Akita, is injured when a neighboring dog tries to pull him under a fence. Poor Storm suffered through a long surgery and recovery time.
Extraction of Fractured Tooth in Labrador Retriever
Merlin's fractured tooth would require an expensive extraction.
Morris the Newfoundland Swallows a Rock
Mischievous Morris was on a family holiday in Michigan when he ingested a rock, resulting in costly emergency removal surgery.
Miniature Dachshund has a Broken Tooth
A routine dental cleaning for Hilda, the Miniature Dachshund, turned up a broken tooth resulting in a pricey root canal.
Puppy Suffers from Grape Intoxication
When no one was looking, 5-month-old Lyla swiped a bowl of grapes from the coffee table.
Chihuahua Recovers From Dog Attack
Chiquita's run in with another dog in her pet sitter's backyard cost her some stitches and an expensive night in the ER.
Dog Requires Foreign Body Surgery
Barry's taste for household objects got him in trouble.
Dog with Bite Wounds During Embrace Trial Period
Timber was bit by a neighbor’s dog through a fence.
Grape Intoxication
Eating a pound of old grapes put Jackson in the hospital.
Greyhound Swallows a Corn Cob
A stolen corn cob leads to quite an ordeal for Hazel the Greyhound, resulting in removal surgery and quite the recovery.
Mushroom Intoxication
Snacking on mushrooms in the yard caused Walter some serious problems.
Labrador Retriever Eats Electrical Cord & Toy
In his first 8 months, Bodhi the Yellow Lab ate a toy and an electrical cord, possibly suffering an electric shock.
Toad Poisoning
Little Guy, a Boston Terrier in South Florida, was in for a rude awakening after trying to make lunch out of a poisonous toad.
Tylenol Toxicity
Jackson's family was horrified to find that the little 7 month old puppy had managed to chew the top off of a Tylenol bottle and ingest some of the medicine.
Great Pyrenees Attacked at Dog Park
Gentle giant, Moses, was severely injured in an altercation at his favorite place, the dog park. After some serious stitches and a Cone of Shame, Moses was on his way to healing.