Progressive Pet Insurance - now your dog and cat are insured in a collision


Welcome Progressive Insurance policyholders to Embrace!

Finally, a car insurer that gets the role of pets in our lives. Progressive has added a $500 Pet Injury Protection endorsement to all its auto insurance policies where the company will pay $500 towards vet bills from a car accident.

But why was this needed anyway? Wouldn't a pet be covered anyway if it is in an insured car?

Surprisingly, not necessarily. If someone hits your car and injures your dog or cat, the vet bills are covered under their policy under their property damage coverage (pets being property under the law) but if you have an accident and there's no other car involved or the other driver doesn't have insurance, your pet's injuries just aren't covered - up until now that is.

Lucy_and_mom Of course, we all know that $500 won't take you very far if a pet is seriously injured so Embrace Pet Insurance has partnered with Progressive, along with another pet insurer, to provide full pet insurance policies to those people who want something more than just coverage while their pet is in the car. Progressive policyholders get a 5% discount too.

Embrace Pet Insurance policies add coverage for:

  • accidents like being hit by a car, or injesting poison, or having an allergic reaction to a bee sting, or tearing a cruciate ligament
  • cancer of all kinds like osteosarcoma or lymphoma
  • hereditary conditions such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and skin allergies
  • contagious diseases like Lyme Disease and coronavirus sickenesses
  • diagnostic treatments like bloodwork, MRIs and CT scans
  • alternative and complementary therapies like acupuncture, chiropractic treatments and homeopathic care
  • hospitalization and return vet visits for all these conditions
  • prescription drugs and dental illness care (optional)

The list goes on...

We're delighted to partner with such a far-sighted auto insurer - let's hope the dogs and cats of the US don't think they can drive the cars now!

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