Lady Gaga hairballed

Mama elephant holding babyLast year, we participated in Furminator's National Hairball Awareness Day by creating a Mama Elephant and Baby out of cat fur. It was pretty cute if I do say so myself.

This year, we're doing it again and there's a celebrity theme just to make it more interesting. My girls and I chose Lady Gaga as the celeb we would attempt to get a likeness of.

We're big fans of Lady Gaga in many ways so we thought her iconic look would be somewhat possible - even with pet fur!

Here is the result - what do you think?

  • IMG_2274
  • IMG_2247
  • IMG_2250
  • IMG_2266


Here's the link to the PeoplePets gallery Hack It Up - Stars Get Hairballed for more examples of how celebs can really look good in fur :)


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