Embrace Pet Community

Embrace_pet_community_cat_and_dog_1 Do we ever have a Christmas present for you!

Some of you may have clued in to this but we have released a new website. No, it's not the Embrace Pet Insurance website (coming early 2007) but it's the Embrace Pet Community website www.embracepetcommunity.com.

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An article on Wharton bloggers

Wharton_entrepreneurship_program_newslet_1 I just caught an article "Brave New World" on the Wharton Entrepreneurship Program's website talking about Wharton entrepreneurs blogging and the different takes on it. It mentions Josh Kopelman's blog Redeye VC as one of our more famous alumni bloggers (OK, the only famous Wharton blogger that I know of).

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Kind words from a friend

Andrea_learned_1 Andrea Learned is always has something valuable to add on any topic, but in particular on marketing to women, and she has a great book that she co-wrote called Don't Think Pink. So, I was so pleased to see that she wrote up an article on pet insurance and had lots of kind words to say about Embrace.

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EWomen Network presentation information

Ewomennetwork Right now (yes right at the time when this was posted), I'm presenting at the Cleveland eWomenNetwork lunch on blogging, my first official presentation on blogging (although I'm always talking about it all the time to anyone who'll listen).

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American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)

AahaI have been slacking off on the blog over the last couple of days because things seem to be never ending in the office lately. At least we aren't trying to get accredited - I don't think I could handle someone coming in and tut-tutting at the state of my desk and frowning upon our hamster cage while I'm trying to hire people, review websites, write marketing plans, raise more money, and of course, write blogs.

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New pet blog

Scratchings_and_sniffings_1Here's a promising new pet blog - scratchings and sniffings. Yvonne Divita, who writes lipsticking (marketing to women online) and a couple of other blogs (plus a book or two) has now turned her attention to pets.

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New - Embrace Pet Community blog

Embrace_community_dog_and_catI'd like to introduce you to our new baby - the Embrace Pet Community blog.

I figured I'd keep the Embrace Pet Insurance blog for pet health-related topics and we'd set up a completely new blog for pet-related shopping stuff to keep things clean.

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AVMA highlights senior cat and dog care

Rosie_aug_05 The American Veterinary Medical Association put out a press release today focusing on senior cats and dogs. I love this quote:

"The most important message that we wanted to provide at the point that we wrote these guidelines is that age is not a disease," said Dr. Ilona Rodan, co-chair of the report and owner of the Cat Care Clinic in Madison, Wis.

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Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)

2006_apdt_conference_logo I've been reading a lot lately on people in various stages of training their dogs (from learners to thinking about competing) so I thought I'd check out the organizations around dog training and found the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

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