when all you want is a gas station...

I offer you a story from the NAPHIA meeting in Pittsburgh. It's an example of how we pet insurance CEOs work together in a tight situation.

I had the opportunity to spend a few hours in my car with Steve Popovich, the CEO of Pet Partners (AKC brand of pet insurance). This was the first time I'd met Steve as he's just joined the NAPHIA board, and it seems that in the close confines of a car, we talked a lot about things you'd expect all the way there (I peppered him with questions about the AKC plan and Pet Partners) and on the way back, a lot of things we might not otherwise have done so - religion, politics, and dieting being some of the more unexpected topics we covered.

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Ask Laura: should I wait until after the spay or neuter to insure my dog?

I thought I'd talk about a question we get all the time about our discounts (yay for discounts!)

Winston puppy Question: I want to sign my puppy up, but she has not been spayed or microchipped. Am I going to get the discount? When will it apply? Am I going to have to submit a lot of documents? Should I just wait to sign up until after these are done?

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Breed Focus: Golden Retriever

What can I say that hasn't been said about one of the most popular dogs in the US?

  • Jake's a good sport Loved by families and singles alike (what better way to get a date than following along behind a joyful golden in the park?)? 
  • Sunny dispositions to go with their sunny coats? 
  • Active house companions?
  • A goofy and lovable personality?

Yes, all of the above.

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Guest Post: senior pets in our lives

Today, we have a guest post from Dr. Rex Riggs, owner of Best Friends Veterinary Hospital in Powell, Ohio. He is a veterinarian, and an Advisory Board member of Embrace Pet Insurance. Dr. Riggs writes about senior cats and dogs in our lives.

Grey muzzles have always gotten to me. I love seeing the mellow older dogs meandering into the hospital. Most of them have been coming to see me since they were little rambunctious pups. They have become my friends. They walk a little slower and don’t hear as well. Some of them have diabetes and some have bladder problems. Sometimes they can’t see as well and might need help up. No different then us as we age.

Boo When we age we start doing things little different. We tend to go to the doctor more for tests. We tend to watch our diet. We need to take medicines to help with our little incontinences of ageing. We need to do the same for our furry friends. Remember they are tougher then we are. They hide illness and pain much better then we do. I recommend twice a year exam for our older pets.

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Claim Example: two aging Pomeranians with arthritis plus other ailments

Pomeranian courtesy of Chris Cheever, stock.xchng Jordan M could hardly have thought that having 2 Pomeranians in the house would lead to such expensive and ongoing vet bills but Candy and Cinnamon have managed to rack up a total of more than $13,000 between them in just over 2 years! Not bad for two NY state-based 6 year old dogs.

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