Canadian pet insurer buys UK pet insurer

In an interesting development in the pet insurance world, Pethealth, a Canadian pet insurance company, bought Pet Protect, a British insurer from Domestic & General Insurance in the UK for 3.5 mil British pounds (7.133 mil Canadian dollars/$6.98 mil US) in cash.

Some interesting points to note from the press release:

The purchase price represents 27% of 2007 gross written premiums placed by Pet Protect.
Prior deals involving pet insurance companies have been in the 1-2 times gross written premium so this is a bargain indeed; however, it also implies that the earnings of the book of business isn't the best, which means there's work to be done by the new owners.

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Update on Barnes

As you may recall, my cat Barnes had been having some subtle signs that something was amiss with his health (blogged about it in Serious Illness Is Never Expected) so I took him to the vet and we were awaiting test results with the hope he had hyperthyroidism (option 1) and not cardiomyopathy (option 2).

Well, it turned out to be option 3 - worsening of his kidney disease aka chronic kidney failure - and option 2, cardiomyopathy or some such heart issue. Sigh. Not what I'd hoped for.

His BUN (blood urea nitrogen) results were high and his potassium was low so we're working on stabilizing his blood levels and then worrying about his heart. Sigh again.

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Serious illness is never expected

I've been following the dog health stories two of my blogging friends, Dr. Patty Khuly (Dolittler) and Therese (PetSitUSA), and their dog's cancer treatments lately. Dr Patty's dog, 10 year old Sophie, has a brainstem tumor and Therese's 7 year old dog Lydia has anal gland adenocarcinoma.

It's struck me how calm Patty and Terese have seemed while blogging about the extremely serious health issues their dogs are going through. I can imagine though that behind the scenes, they ponder life, death, and all that is in between and wonder why it should happen to them, knowing there are no answers to that particular question.

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For Pixie, A Cavalier King Charles sweetheart who died of Dry Drowning

Pixie_cutiepie [get out the Kleenex, this moving story is likely to get you going]

A month ago, we received this desperate phone call from Suzie who told us that Pixie, her beloved Cavalier King Charles spaniel was hanging on to her life by a thread after experiencing "dry drowning" when playing with her daughter in a kiddy pool all afternoon.

She told us that after coming into the house from playing all afternoon, Pixie started coughing and wretching and became clearly in severe distress.

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Gratuitous Embraced Pet Blogging

Apologies for the radio silence. It's been a week of busy-ness that included a Board meeting, interviewing potential staff, media interviews, offering jobs, strategy meeting prep, and actuarial work (oh and a quick stop off at Costco.)

Such fun! Who'd want to work for a faceless corporation when you can have it all at Embrace :)

So, to tide things along, here are some photos of Embraced dogs and cats for your viewing pleasure. I promise to be more on track next week.

Annie_and_rosey Aren't these two adorable? Annie and Rosey were made for movies I think!

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