Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care

Portland , OR
4246 SE Belmont St Portland, OR 97215

Phone: 503-200-5555

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Veterinary Services Offered
  • This is a general clinic: Embrace can help pay for your pet's routine care with Wellness Rewards coverage.
Owner or Medical Director(s)
  • Kristin Sulis
Customer Reviews
According to online review site this hospital has 64 reviews and is rated . The last time this hospital was reviewed was 12/5/2014
  • Reviewed by Ashley W. (12/5/2014) Mt. Tabor Vet is the absolute BEST and I dare anyone to argue that fact with me. Here are just a few reasons why: 1. When you arrive, they'll ask if...Read More
  • Reviewed by Ashley B. (8/16/2014) Chai, is my nine year old lab mix. He's energetic beyond belief- at nine, it's like having a dog on ecstasy and wearing rocket skates. Chai is also very...Read More
  • Reviewed by Julia S. (8/13/2014) I love this place. They have a great ambiance, the staff is friendly and extremely sweet, my dog LOVES his vet. He actually enjoys going in to their...Read More
Pet Insurance Claims
  • Fractured Tooth And Periodontal Disease , Total Bill $1,303.71
    Embrace Reimbursed: $853.91
  • Cough, Megaesophagus, Vomiting, And More , Total Bill $831.42
    Embrace Reimbursed: $665.14
  • Fractured Tooth And Colitis , Total Bill $2,236.01
    Embrace Reimbursed: $619.28
  • Rectal Mass , Total Bill $743.37
    Embrace Reimbursed: $594.70
  • Umbilical Hernia, Decrease In Appetite, And Lethargy , Total Bill $1,035.23
    Embrace Reimbursed: $588.18
  • Mass Of Body Region And Skin Mass , Total Bill $1,101.40
    Embrace Reimbursed: $565.92