Buena Pet Clinic

Tucson , AZ
900 N Swan Rd Tucson, AZ 85711

Phone: 520-323-9487

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Veterinary Services Offered
  • This is a general clinic: Embrace can help pay for your pet's routine care with Wellness Rewards coverage.
Owner or Medical Director(s)
  • William Wallace
Customer Reviews
According to online review site this hospital has 11 reviews and is rated . The last time this hospital was reviewed was 7/12/2016
  • Reviewed by Martin P. (7/12/2016) This would be my 2nd time going to Buena Pet Clinic. The first time I went their receptionist was very rude and had me waiting over an hour. The 2nd time I...Read More
  • Reviewed by Courtney T. (7/25/2015) The is the worse vet clinic in Tucson. They forgot to turn on the anesthesia so my dog yelped when they cut her open and she was wide awake. Then once they...Read More
  • Reviewed by Tiffany C. (2/25/2014) I've been bringing my pup here since 2004 when I first brought her home. Dr. Ahnell is, hands down, my favorite veterinary at the clinic although he does...Read More
Pet Insurance Claims
  • Bursitis And Coccidioidomycosis , Total Bill $448.38
    Embrace Reimbursed: $358.70
  • Laceration / Bed Sore Left Cranial Flank , Total Bill $391.00
    Embrace Reimbursed: $351.90
  • Orchitis, Total Bill $718.73
    Embrace Reimbursed: $341.24
  • Bladder & Kidney Infection , Total Bill $266.51
    Embrace Reimbursed: $239.86
  • Stool Mucus Covered And Coccidioidomycosis , Total Bill $322.09
    Embrace Reimbursed: $212.45
  • Rear Limb Paralysis, Excessive Panting, Urinary Tract Infection , Total Bill $234.74
    Embrace Reimbursed: $211.27