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Give Clients 2 FREE Months of Insurance

This promotion offers two months of coverage for unexpected accidents and illnesses - all free of charge. Renewing into a full policy is always optional and we promise not to hassle clients with high-pressure sales or unwanted phone calls.

Plan Coverage Details

Maximum: $5,000
Deductible: $300
Reimbursement: 80%
Rx Prescription Drug

Which pets are eligible for 2 free months of insurance?

  • Mixed breed dogs (including hybrids) age 14 or younger
  • Purebred dogs age 14 or younger
  • Mixed breed cats age 14 or younger
  • Purebred cats age 14 or younger
  • Pets that have not been diagnosed with or shown symptoms of diabetes, Cushing's disease, Addison's disease or FeLV/FIV.

If a pet is outside of these guidelines we offer an accident-only coverage plan.

Embrace's free insurance promo is not available in CA, ND, NY, PA, SC, WA. This promotion is available in FL at a cost of $1.