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I'm always raising money for Embrace so when they asked, it wasn't too difficult to come up with something pertinent.

Guest Blogger: Lea on pet insurance for routine care

One of our Customer Care Embracers, Lea, very kindly offered to do a guest blog for me as I catch up from my 2 weeks away from the office.

Lea is well experienced at blogging as she also writes the Embrace Pet Community blog and has several personal blogs as well.

Thanks Lea for the excellent post!

SaharaIn the course of a day, we Customer Care Embracers get the opportunity to talk with pet parents across the country, each of them looking for something different.  I hear many of you looking to avoid some of the 'sting' of vet expenses.  Even a $300 bill can hurt the budget if it comes up at the wrong time.

Some of our callers are looking for help in reducing the costs of their routine or wellness care.  No doubt, these items can be expensive too, but since you know they're going to come up each year, you can plan and budget for these things.

But you don't have to plan for your human wellness care, right? The_girls

The best explanation as to why we don't cover wellness care is to compare pet insurance to auto insurance.  (I know as well as you do that pets and cars are very different, but hear me out.)

If your auto insurance were to cover your oil changes, they'd cut you a check for, say, $30 three or four times a year.  But since they know they have to give you this $30 every 3,000 miles, they would have charge you that same $30 in your premiums, plus the claims costs.  So now instead of you saving money, you've just given the insurance company maybe $40 in premium, to get back $30.

HunterThink of a vaccination like your car's oil change - it's something that is recommended for the long-term benefit, but it's also a smaller, more budget-able expense.

TermyteBut if you're in a major auto accident, your insurance company helps you repair the car.  This was not something you could have planned for, wouldn't likely have been able to save up for, and therefore would have put you in a pretty tough spot financially, right?  Your auto insurance helps you manage the risks associated with driving, just as Embrace helps you manage the risks associated with pet ownerships.

We're here for your pet's little ‘fender benders’ and catastrophic ‘collisions’.

Funny searches that reach my blog

I always marvel at how people get to my blog - check these out:

  1. plastic surgery procedures gone deadly wrong (in google images - ew!)- wow, that made my heart quicken until I clicked on it and discovered a cute picture of Lily my cat - very bizarre!
  2. why would a cat sneeze - probably the same reason the chicken crossed the road
  3. pet insurance stocks - can't wait for us to go public :)
  4. fun facts about an actuary - see, someone thinks actuaries are fun!
  5. my mom told me to type in vet insurance - quite right too
  6. why is it illegal to spay your pet in norway - I did not know that
  7. who bought a stake in southampton f c - not me
  8. koi pet insurance - I think we'll stick with cats and dogs for now
  9. hamster fun facts - what's not fun about a hamster?

    and the most surprising of all...
  10. Hottub_calvin hottub black girls (also google images) - likely the searcher would be very disappointed to find the cutest picture of Calvin the Labrador Retriever in the hot tub!

Ah, Friday fun!!! Gotta love it.

Looking for cheap pet insurance?

If you are looking for value for money, that's one thing, but if you are looking for the lowest price, you might just get what you're asking for - the lowest price may get the lowest coverage.

Check out the information on the Embrace Pet Insurance website on how to reduce the cost of your pet insurance and still get value for money.

And while you're at it, you can get a quote where you get to pick your price for pet insurance. Who wouldn't like that?

$2,456 claim: 1 year old mixed breed cat with bacterial sepsis with reactive lymph node

Termyte_as_a_kitten The following is the story of Termyte, a one year old mixed breed cat, that occured in September 2007 in Belmont, California. Read on for a totally unexpected but stressful situation for all involved.

About a month after Termyte was insured by Embrace, he was rushed to an emergency vet with an unexplained high fever on Labor Day and treated with antibiotics. After his treatment, something was still wrong and he continued to decline.

Termyte spent 4 days in critical care at another facility where they finally determined he had bacterial sepsis with reactive lymph node in his stomach. He almost died from the condition but after treating him with some heavy duty intraveneous antibiotics, they were able to turn things around and Termyte pulled through.

Termyte_1 Costs: The initial visit to the vet cost $259.08. The visit to the critical care unit cost $2,142.00 with a follow up visit of $55. Total = $2,456.08

Reimbursement: $1,973.77 The policy had a $200 yearly deductible, an annual maximum of $10,000 plus a co-pay of 10%. The drugs and dental option was not selected, causing $47 of take-home drugs not to be covered. Annual premiums were $246.10 (including a 5% microchip discount).

Who would have thought a one year old mixed breed cat could get into so much trouble? Termyte's mom, W. Wilcox, copied us in on some comments she wrote about us later:

Termyte_2 "I am so impressed with Embrace, I hope to work for them someday and provide other pet owner’s with the same quality and care and affordable pet insurance. It was reassuring to think only of my pets needs and not have to make monetary decisions in a moment of crisis. Termyte fully recovered, gained his weight back, and will live a long life now."

Ms. Wilcox, we're delighted to hear Termyte is doing so well and maybe you will come work for us some day - now wouldn't that be another great story.

Do you have a pet insurance story you'd like to share with us - good or bad. Feel free to add to the comments or email me.

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