Psychic thoughts

[this really is true - I felt all tingly after it happened]

As I was getting myself ready before the rest of the family got up yesterday morning, I was thinking about blogging about accidents and how they can happen at any time (yes, I really do think about pet insurance all the time). It's right after the accident happens that you really really wished you had pet insurance.

Anyway, I come downstairs, put the kettle on for a cup of tea, and turned around to see poor old Lily limping pretty badly on one of her back legs. "What the ...?", I thought. When I took a look at her paw, it was really swollen and she was having trouble getting around. I couldn't believe it! Especially after what I was just thinking about.

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Pet health story: Grace, a chocolate lab

I have a real soft spot for this story because Grace is our mast head dog (look up, look way up) and Brian happens to have an office about 15 feet from my desk.

If you look closely, you'll see Grace has only three legs - very fitting for a pet insurance blog.


Brian D

Pet Name:

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Why is my dog or cat sneezing?

Dog_nose When Lily came home from the rescue shelter, she sneezed for a few days when I had her in isolation. Keeping her away from Barnes didn't work too well because when she stopped sneezing and I let her out into the house, Barnes started sneezing a bit too. After a few days, it all sorted itself out but it made me wonder if I should have been worried about it.

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A change in pace: pets and marketing

Over at the Church of the Customer, Jackie summarizes some marketing ideas on "how to set your brand apart by tapping into people's deep love for their pets." from Andrea Learned's Lisa Johnson who has written an new book, Mind Your X's and Y's.

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Three tips to cure a dog's chewing

Here's a post based on an email a caring pet parent sent me on her dog's destructive chewing. With Lea's permission, I'm sharing it with you because it has some really helpful info on how to control this behavior.

Lyger_waiting While my dog may appear well balanced and a model citizen now, this was not always the case. Those folks who knew me when he was an adolescent heard all of the stories about my mixed breed: part lab, part spawn of satan. It became a routine occurrence for people to offer me their sofas and mattresses before hauling them to the lawn, saying “I know your dog chews up furniture, so we thought you’d want a backup for next time.”

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