The Embrace Team

The reason we got into the pet insurance business was to change it. We couldn't do this without the outstanding team that makes Embrace, well, Embrace.



Laura Bennett Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
Alex Krooglik President, Chief Marketing Officer & Co-founder
Dr. Rex Riggs, DVM Veterinary Advisor
Office Foster Cats Cuteness Ambassadors

Business Operations

Christopher Hagesfeld Director, Customer Satisfaction
Laura Hay, CPA Controller
Melissa Ing Director of Technology & Process
Shawn Brown Senior Actuarial Analyst
Sarah Pels Claims Analyst
Mike Lambert Financial Coordinator
Ashley Qualls HR Manager

IT Development

Rich Hessinger Lead Software Engineer/Architect 
David Profio Junior Developer
Nico Lindsey Software Developer
Michael Roznik Software Developer
Aaron Puma Software Developer

Internet Marketing

Matt Aster Director, Internet Marketing
Scott Sharp Web Marketing Manager
Dr. Debra Primovic, DVM Editor-in-Chief
Sara Radak Content Strategist
Karin Szust Digital Marketing Specialist

Territory Outreach

Katie Huneke Director, Outreach
Alison Anderson Regional Outreach Manager
Chrissy McGregor Senior Territory Outreach Representative
Courtney Boucher Senior Territory Outreach Representative
Diana Grutzmacher Territory Outreach Representative
Jenny Markus Territory Outreach Representative
Kristin Happ Territory Outreach Representative
Krystal Durlewanger Territory Outreach Representative
Viveca Santisteban Territory Outreach Representative

Marketing Services

Kate Zirkle Marketing Services Manager

Customer Care

Darcy L. Contact Center Manager 
Lisa Geraghty Senior Customer Care Embracer
Lindsey Schmidt Senior Customer Care Embracer
Joshua Baum Team Lead, Customer Care Embracer
Brian Lavrich Customer Care Embracer
Christine L. Customer Care Embracer
Tyler Stackpole Customer Care Embracer
Kara Raresheid Customer Care Embracer
Xena Cirelly Customer Care Embracer
Jason Hunter Customer Care Embracer
Jessica Batten Customer Care Embracer
Carla Roth Customer Care Embracer
Sabrina Vasko Customer Care Embracer
Annalise Meder Customer Care Embracer


Jenna Mahan, RVT Claims Manager
Adrienne S.
Senior Claims Adjuster
Ericka Ott, RVT Team Lead, Claims Adjuster
Megan Isom, RVT Team Lead, Claims Adjuster
Sandra "Sam" Adkins, RVT Claims Adjuster
Amanda Collins, RVT Claims Adjuster
Carrie Harviel Claims Adjuster
Alissa Tyminski, RVT Claims Adjuster
Jessica H Claims Adjuster
Diedre Rak, RVT Claims Adjuster
Kiersten Peders, Claims Adjuster
Rachel Hinder, Claims Adjuster
Cassandra Vasko, Claims Adjuster
Ashley Gorham, Claims Adjuster
Cynthia Hokes Claims Administrator
Anna C., RVT Claims Administrator
Kyle Broxon Team Lead, Claims Administrator
Karen Giardina Claims Administrator
Stevie Matko Claims Administrator
Kyle Knapik Claims Administrator
James Freeman Claims Administrator
Joy Wrona Claims Coder
Janine Kinnett Claims Coder