Before you cancel, please note…

  • You can reduce your premium by adjusting coverage levels to better fit your budget. See how much you can save by logging into MyEmbrace and visiting the Change Coverage section, or give us a call at  (800) 511-9172.*
  • Pre-existing conditions follow your pet from policy to policy. If you cancel today and sign up again later (whether with Embrace or another company), conditions your pet has been treated for or diagnosed with will be considered pre-existing and will not be covered.
  • We want to make your experience better. Contact our Customer Care team so we can address your concerns.

Still want to cancel?
We hate to see you go, but we’ll always honor your request to cancel your policy.

You can notify us that you would like to cancel by phone at (800) 511-9172 (Monday-Friday 8:30 am-8 pm and Saturday 9 am-1 pm ET). You can also e-mail your cancellation request.

*If you choose to increase coverage later, your policy will be restarted and your pet is subject to new waiting periods and pre-existing condition exclusions.