Gracie Uses her new Puppy Stairs

Lea Jaratz

Dog ramps or stairs are really key to keeping your pet's spine and joints healthy when they're hopping up and down off the sofa or bed. What we don't realize is that their tiny bodies do a lot of twisting and torquing, and then there's the impact. Some little dogs can't even make it up on the bed. Isn't that sad?

So, there are dog ramps. But frankly, they usually look very utilitarian. Which is why I LOVE the Puppy Stairs we just received for Gracie to test out. Gracie, the cutest mini-Dachsund ever, (loved by Embracer Jessica) races right up her stairs and goes to her snuggle spot--no risk of falling or injury:

Notice that the interior decor doesn't have to suffer. The ramp's lovely oyster suede cover blends right in with the sofa's upholstery. They've got ramps and cubes to make any configuration you can imagine in four designer colors--so you're not stuck with a one size fits one dog and still doesn't match.

The style doesn't suffer when the dog gets bigger--they've got excellent ramps for larger dogs too. We had Embracer Sara's foster dog, Patsy, a big o' Basset mix try the large dog ramps and she was up on the bed before you could say "hop up!"

I'm so pleased with the Puppy Stairs. I wasn't sure that the fabric cover was going to look nice as it does, but it's quite smooth and sure to blend in well in almost any room. It's traction, safety and design in one. Gracie approves!

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