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Gifts for Cats: Our 2017 Holiday Guide

By Lea Jaratz

Ice Cream Truck for Cats

When I was a kid and we did the big family gift exchange on Christmas Eve, we exchanged gifts for the cats. It’s not like the cats came out and opened them. (Dogs are a different story.) It’s not even like we saw the cats. But we understood that cats were part of the big family equation and should get a little something special too.

Lucky for you, I’ve found some of the cutest new goodies for cats to stick under the tree this year.

Ice Cream Truck for Cats

This ice cream truck for cats is a dream come true. I mean, yes, the design is good for people, but look at all those cardboard corners to rub whiskers on! It’s got a 5-star review on Etsy, and it’s just so much cuter than an empty Amazon prime box lying in the middle of your living room.

This truck, as well as their Brooklyn House for cats, is $39 from Famous OTO.


Silvervine Sticks

Silvervine, aka matatabi sticks, are an all-natural, non-addictive, non-toxic treat for cats (and dogs too). Like catnip, it can give a bit of a kitty high. You know what makes me euphoric? This stick is only $5.99 and ships for free. Stocking stuffers? Done!

Matatabi sticks and wool cat caves available from Kivikis.


Mad Scientists Kit

Cats need adventure, excitement, and enrichment, but they can tend to get into trouble when left to their own devices. Challenge their brains, not with chemistry, but with activity. Pop their favorite treat into the beakers and cats spin them to get the treat out. Once they’ve mastered it you can put lids with hole patterns in them to take it to the next level. Perfect for a moment of peace or some entertainment while you’re out for the day.

Mad Scientist toy $14.89 at Amazon.

Bolt Cat ToyBolt

Bolt is truly the lazy cat person’s perfect gift. No more having to sit on the couch and aim the laser pointer for your crazy cats. Seriously though, this laser is graded safe for pet use and will turn off after 15 minutes so your cat doesn’t completely lose his mind. (But wouldn’t the thing just turning off by itself make most cats cuckoo?) Take lazy to a whole ‘nother level: you don’t even need to get off the couch because Amazon has them for $17.95 with prime shipping.

Primal Beef Liver Crunchies

My pets have always loved their Primal food and I’m totally happy to give it to them. It’s preservative free, hormone know the deal. When you open the bag, you see it’s real freeze-dried food, not fish-shaped chewy things. These crunchy liver bites sound too good to pass up, to a cat at least. Currently on sale at for $6.99

Anything else on your cat’s gift list? What have you always wanted to try with your cat? What was a hit and what was a flop? Share with our readers in the comments and your suggestions help us with future reviews.

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