Collar Safety Awareness Week Kick-Off

Collar Safety Awareness WeekWe were all shocked and dismayed when one of our policyholders called to tell us the awful story of her dog’s accidental death. It seems her two small dogs had been alone in the home mid-day and in the course of playing or cuddles their collars became snared together. Of course, the dogs couldn’t unhook themselves, and the situation only caused them to become frantic, until ultimately, one was strangled to death. When the pet parent returned home, the deceased dog was still hooked to his companion.

That story, by itself, seemed too random and too unlikely to make me think about my own pets’ collars. But, not even a week later, I had my own run in with a collar snare when the two goofy Golden Retrievers next door were roughhousing and ended up in a dangerous snare. One had his lower jaw snagged under the other’s collar. I heard the commotion and ran out just as their owner did, and we tried desperately to free them. It seemed certain that we’d end up with either a broken jaw or a strangled dog until we were able to cut the collar off, but even that was a three person job with such commotion.

I don’t share these stories to disgust or bother you, but it took a tragedy and a near miss before I realized that pet collars pose a legitimate danger. It’s because of the 26,000 collar strangulations that occur in dogs each year that PetSafe® brand is launching the first annual Collar Safety Awareness Week, October 18-24, as part of National Animal Safety and Protection Month. Toni Mark, KPA-CTP, MA, Training and Behavior Education Specialist for PetSafe brand says:

“The accident can happen in just seconds. The number one most common way collar accidents occur is when dogs are playing together and one dog gets snagged in the other’s collar, but it can also happen in many other ways, such as the collar getting caught on furniture, crates, fences, bushes and trees, or heating and cooling vents. Unfortunately, many pet owners and professionals are still unaware of the danger and frequency of collar strangulation accidents. By launching Collar Safety Awareness Week, we hope to help reduce the incidence of these tragedies.”

KeepSafe® Break-AwayCollarThey’re hoping to prevent future accidents by spreading the word about their innovative KeepSafe® Break-Away Collar. It has a patented safety release buckle that unhooks under pressure, but has two d-rings that can be used with a leash so that it won’t unsnap. I certainly would suggest making sure your pet is microchipped, as the likelihood of the ID tags being lost would increase with this collar, but better that a pet end up alive in a shelter than snagged.

Ready to spread the word about Collar Safety Awareness Week, and enter to win your own KeepSafe collar at the same time? Safety has never been so fun! There are 3 ways you can win:

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Comment on this post once for each entry method. Contest ends 10/31/15. Winner selected at random. Contest open to US residents only. Embrace Pet Insurance or PetSafe employees or their families not eligible. Must not have won within past 180 days. Collars will be shipped to 3 winners, after replying to Embrace's winner notification with current address as well as color/size preference. Subject to availability. If you do not reply to Embrace's contact within 7 days your prize will be forfeited to another pet parent. Good luck!!

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