7 Pet Insurance Concerns from Veterinarians And Their Solutions


Situation 1

Problem: There are a lot of pet insurance companies. I don’t know which ones are the best.
Solution: Do some research up front, selecting two companies you like and trust, and displaying only these options. When hospitals expect clients to do their own research, the client can get overwhelmed and give up. Pet parents consider you the experts for all things pet related, including pet insurance. (Source: Chrissy McGregor, Outreach Manager)

Situation 2

Problem: I don’t want to limit my clients’ options.  
Solution: Do you carry all vaccine brands or heartworm/flea prevention? You likely have a preference, and it’s important to narrow down your preference of pet insurance companies as well. Choose 2-3 companies that you are interested in learning more about and ask for a “lunch and learn” or webinar to get more information, then narrow down these options to find the best fit for your clients. (Source: Viveca Santisteban, Senior Outreach Representative in New England

Situation 3

Problem: I don't have time to talk to clients about pet insurance.
Solution: Introducing clients to pet insurance can be as simple as asking "Do you have pet insurance? Would you like to learn more?" at check in. You initiate the pet insurance discussion, we do the rest, familiarizing them with our coverage options. (Source: Viveca Santisteban, Senior Outreach Representative in New England)

Situation 4

Problem: I have too many things to talk about already.
Solution: We recommend that you find the time to make pet insurance a priority. Pet insurance will be your clients’ means to pay for all recommended treatments down the road. All it takes is a simple 30-60 second conversation and an active recommendation. Show them the difference in spend between clients with insurance and clients without. (Source: Chrissy McGregor, Outreach Manager)

Situation 5

Problem: Our receptionist is too busy.
Solution: If your receptionist doesn’t have time, consider having vet assistants talk about pet insurance while going through their exam room check list. This is a great opportunity for the pet parent to get the information and review it while waiting for the DVM. This takes the pressure off the receptionist and gives the pet parent something to do while they wait. (Source: Chantelle S. Moffatt-Blue, Los Angeles-Area Outreach Representative)

Situation 6

Problem: I’ve had bad experiences with pet insurance in the past.
Solution: Pet insurance has evolved for the better and it’s in your best interest to give it another shot. Take a look at the Embrace Insight Report to see what we've covered in your hospital. Haven’t received one? Contact your dedicated Outreach Representative. (Source: Viveca Santisteban, Senior Outreach Representative in New England)

Situation 7

Problem: I don’t want to get involved with a client’s finances.
Solution: There are still a lot of pet parents out there that don’t even know that pet insurance exists. Take a soft, educational approach.  For example: “Mrs. Client, do you have pet insurance on Fluffy? If not, here’s some information for you take home. Many of our clients have found pet insurance helpful, but take a look and see if it’s right for you.” (Source: Chantelle S. Moffatt-Blue, Los Angeles-Area Outreach Representative)

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