Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Surgery revealed that Otis was suffering from IBD.

Vet Bill: $2,074



When some routine blood work showed elevated liver enzymes for Reed and Scott's dog, Otis, veterinarians weren't 100% clear on the cause. They did an ultrasound to see if Otis' liver looked bad in any way but there was nothing abnormal. Bad gas, bowel movements and elevated enzymes continued though.

Reed and Scott finally decided to take Otis to an internal medicine specialist who felt that exploratory surgery to biopsy Otis' liver, intestines, stomach and duodenum was the best course of action. The surgery, albeit quite expensive, went thankfully very smoothly. Based on the surgical findings, Otis was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

From Otis' family:

"Given that we were also looking at cancer, hepatitis, and cirrhosis of the liver as other possibilities, we were very relieved. Treatment for IBD started immediately. Otis now has a new diet, a daily supplement, and a very small, once daily dose of medicine, and he's doing incredibly well."

Otis' Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $2,915.00
Covered Charges $2,915.00
Annual Deductible -$0.00
20% Co-pay -$583.00
Total Embrace Reimbursement $2,332.00