Basset Hound/Bulldog Mix with Addison’s Disease

A trip to the emergency clinic turned into a diagnosis that Sadie’s pet parents hadn’t bargained for.

Vet Bill: $9,031



When Sadie was just 2 years old she suddenly fell ill. The diagnosis was shocking and costly.

Her pet parent, Sara, tells us more:

"When Sadie was just 2 years old she suddenly fell ill. The diagnosis was shocking and costly. Embrace has truly been a lifesaver and a blessing for Sadie. We signed her up shortly after getting her, and we have NEVER regretted that decision. In her first year of life alone, she ate part of a blanket and ended up needing emergency surgery for an obstruction that had a lot of risky side effects. Thankfully, Embrace was there for us.

Even worse, in the second year of us having her, Sadie fell sick and was rushed to the emergency clinic where she was treated and started on life-long management for Addison's disease. Our veterinarian was in complete shock that she was diagnosed with Addison's... for her breed, it is SUPER rare. She is now on life-long medications and frequent checkups to manage it.

For Sadie, unfortunately, worst-case scenarios seem to be her mantra…on top of all this, she tore her ACL this year and needed surgical repair. Without Embrace, we truly don’t know what we would have done—they have been our saving grace through it all. The customer service is unlike any other. Our claims were filed very quickly, which eases so much stress in those tough moments. Sadie brings so much love and joy into our lives and we are just truly so grateful for Embrace and the coverage that Sadie has received. Thank you!"

Sadie's Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $9,031.95
Covered Charges $9,031.95
Annual Deductible -$1,024.40
20% Co-pay -$1,482.31
Total Embrace Reimbursement $6,525.24
Sadie’s annual deductible was $500. Her claims took place over 3 policy years.
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