Ongoing Joint Issues in Newfoundland Puppy

Vet Bill: $26,517.14

Brutus - Newfoundland 

When Brenda B. brought Brutus home at 10 weeks, the last thing on her mind was orthopedic issues. But when Brutus started to limp, she knew that a visit to the vet was in order.

“I got Brutus at 10 weeks old and Embrace Pet Insurance soon after. Around 10 months old he started limping a little bit off and on. After a few months of rest, it was determined he needed to go to Ohio State for an examination by an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon ordered a CAT scan and determined that he had a severe case of OCD (osteochondritis dessicans) in both of his elbows and recommended surgery on them immediately as it is a breed specific condition. He was only one year and two weeks old.

The surgery was a success, but she said he would need some prolotherapy down the line and possible stem cell injections to help his elbows. He did wonderfully after the surgery and after about six months, he had three rounds of prolotherapy.

When he was neutered, I had stem cells harvested in case he needed them in the future. Sure enough, in May of 2017 he needed stem cells for his elbows. That helped him tremendously.

In July of 2017, I noticed he was trembling. He had always had slight tremors in his legs when he was laying down, but that was thought to be a "large breed" common occurrence. When he started trembling after he was exercising, I took him back to Ohio State for a neurological consultation.

After an MRI, muscle biopsy, and a steroid trial, it was determined that he had a lower motor neuron disease. In humans it's called Charcot Marie Tooth syndrome. Along with the neurological disease, the MRI showed that he had a subarachnoid diverticulum in his neck as well. This was a long process for diagnosis – about four months! But all of these things were covered with my Embrace insurance.

He started doing land and water treadmill therapy at MedVet in Columbus, Ohio in November, and he has been slowly getting his strength back.

I can tell you it was a relief to have Embrace Pet Insurance. Since he has had the policy I have been reimbursed over $20,000.”

Brutus' Claim Refund

Claim Details Amount
Actual Vet Bill $26,517.14
Covered Charges $26,437.92
Annual Deductible -$1,200*
20% Co-pay -$4,807.59
Total Embrace Reimbursement $20,430.33
* Brutus’ deductible is $300. His claims took place over four policy terms.
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