The Pet-Friendly Benefits Employees are Looking for

(Cleveland, OH) April 25, 2018- Embrace Pet Insurance surveyed over 4,000 policyholders on pet-friendly workplace benefits from bringing their dog to work to discounts on pet insurance. Employers and hiring managers may be surprised by the findings.

Recruiting Talent

  • 70% of policyholders, if interviewing for a new job, believed an employer with a pet-friendly workplace policy was very appealing.

  • For the policyholders with pet-friendly workplaces, 78% felt that their employer didn't promote themselves as a pet-friendly workplace to recruit new hires.

  • 70% of policyholders said their employer didn't offer a discount on pet insurance as a voluntary benefit, but most were interested in the discount.

  • Only 12% of policyholders said that their employer offered discounts on pet insurance as a voluntary benefit.

While not all companies can allow pets in the workplace, offering pet insurance as a voluntary benefit is an effective way to help employees manage the rising costs of veterinary care and is an easy program for companies to launch and manage.

Pet-Friendly Workplace Policies

  • 50% of policyholders wish their current workplace was pet-friendly.

  • For the policyholders with pet-friendly workplaces, 78% felt that their employer didn't promote themselves as a pet-friendly workplace to recruit new hires.

  • 30% of policyholder have pet-friendly employers, but only 21% bring their pet to work.

  • Only 7% felt their workplace wasn't an appropriate setting for their pet because of their job - usually in education, construction or food-related roles.

Embrace asked policyholders if they thought pets in the workplace boosted employee morale. The responses were overwhelmingly positive. The word Embrace saw over and over was "absolutely." "Having dogs around in a high-stress, fast-paced work environment offers a much-needed connection to reality," according to Robert Dorsey, an employee at SimplePart, a software company in the highly-competitive automotive space. SimplePart offers a dog-friendly casual work environment that is the envy of most of their outside partners and industry peers.

The founder and CEO, Cole Getzler, has maintained the pet friendly policy ever since the company was founded almost ten years ago. "Tossing a ball or even just petting one of our dogs at SimplePart is one of the best ways to recalibrate one's self during a long work week. It's one of the reasons I've been there five years and intend to stay. It's pretty hard to beat," says Mr. Dorsey.

The results of Embrace's survey show that pet owners look for voluntary benefits like pet-friendly workplaces and a discount on pet insurance. Embrace's employee benefits program, Work Perks, gives employees 10% off their pet's accident and illness coverage and is available in most states. Embrace provides free promotional materials and assists in launching a company's program. To learn more about the program, visit


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