Palisades Veterinary Clinic

Washington , DC
5138 MacArthur Blvd NW Washington, DC 20016

Phone: 202-363-1316

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Veterinary Services Offered
  • This is a general clinic: Embrace can help pay for your pet's routine care with Wellness Rewards coverage.
  • This clinic offers alternative therapies
Owner or Medical Director(s)
  • Bruce Herwald
Customer Reviews
According to online review site this hospital has 34 reviews and is rated . The last time this hospital was reviewed was 7/20/2016
  • Reviewed by Yelper D. (7/20/2016) I was stressed on Sunday because my dear cat of 19 years who I had rescued 17 years ago began to deteriorate rapidly. He was already blind and doing the...Read More
  • Reviewed by Michelle C. (5/28/2016) If you adore your pet and want the best, this is where you want to be - Palisades Veterinary Clinic. My dog started with them as a rescue at about the time...Read More
  • Reviewed by Katie W. (11/8/2015) My cat has had persistent tummy troubles ever since I got him, and Dr. Elliot has been very thorough. It is pricey, but to be expected for the neighborhood....Read More
Pet Insurance Claims
  • Cranial Cruciate Ligament Tear , Total Bill $3,150.47
    Embrace Reimbursed: $2,360.38
  • Mass Of Body Region , Total Bill $1,482.01
    Embrace Reimbursed: $947.81
  • Diarrhea, Hookworms , Total Bill $1,281.95
    Embrace Reimbursed: $779.63
  • Prostatic Cyst And Bladder Stone , Total Bill $1,007.89
    Embrace Reimbursed: $741.11
  • Vomiting, Total Bill $1,313.97
    Embrace Reimbursed: $651.18
  • Vomiting, Bloody Stool, And ALT (SGPT) Concentration Increased Above Normal , Total Bill $748.50
    Embrace Reimbursed: $598.80