Mid-Peninsula Animal Hospital

Menlo Park , CA
1125 Merrill St Menlo Park, CA 94025

Phone: 650-325-5671

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Veterinary Services Offered
  • This is a general clinic: Embrace can help pay for your pet's routine care with Wellness Rewards coverage.
Owner or Medical Director(s)
  • Janet Lowery
Customer Reviews
According to online review site this hospital has 59 reviews and is rated . The last time this hospital was reviewed was 6/30/2015
  • Reviewed by Julia Y. (6/30/2015) This hospital should train their front desk staff better. I understand that things can get busy but they are being paid to handle customers and they...Read More
  • Reviewed by David L. (6/23/2015) I called around looking for a place to take my dog. Mid-Peninsula was very professional and caring on the phone. They also made a sincere effort to...Read More
  • Reviewed by Amanda K. (4/19/2015) Still figuring out if I should continue staying here. Don't get me wrong the doctors are excellent costumer service pretty great. BUT It's super expensive...Read More
Pet Insurance Claims
  • Cranial Cruciate Ligament Tear And Medial Luxation Of Patella , Total Bill $5,019.54
    Embrace Reimbursed: $3,895.63
  • Cranial Cruciate Ligament Tear , Total Bill $4,498.25
    Embrace Reimbursed: $3,541.24
  • Medial Luxation Of Patella , Total Bill $3,625.30
    Embrace Reimbursed: $2,900.24
  • Anal Sacculitis , Total Bill $3,373.27
    Embrace Reimbursed: $2,108.71
  • Pancreatitis, Total Bill $2,447.78
    Embrace Reimbursed: $1,915.10
  • Elongated Soft Palate , Total Bill $2,094.86
    Embrace Reimbursed: $1,657.09