Trending Pet-themed Kid’s Gifts for 2013

Lea Jaratz

With gift-giving season quickly approaching, we find ourselves looking for gifts that bring out the best in every child’s nature. What sweeter way to foster compassion for animals than gifting a pet-themed item?

We’ve got the top books and toys (by age group) that will not only bring big smiles, but also boost your child’s bond with the animals in his or her life.


My Little Noisy Book of Kittens

My Little Noisy Book of Kittens is a top request in our home, and despite the dozens of times I’ve read it, it never gets old. The text reads like a vintage classic, but the easy-to-press “Meow-Meow” noise button will keep even fidgety readers entertained.

Leap Pad's MyPal Violet and ScoutLeap Pad’s My Pal Violet and Scout

Leap pad isn’t just for early readers and soon-to-school aged kids. Their LeapFrog My Pal Violet and Scout plush toys are fun for tiny kids, with music, lights, and fun sounds. Program your child’s name, favorite color, food, and animal into the dog and watch as your wee one wiggles with glee! $14.99


How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs?

How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs? is short and sweet for the little ones in your life. While we don’t realistically expect toddlers (or dinosaurs) to be in charge of canine caretaking, this book shows kids how to be attentive, kind, and friendly to the family dog. $5.71 (Board Book)

Doc McStuffins Doctor's Bag

Ask just about any adult that works in the animal field and they’ll tell you what they wanted to be when they “grow up:” A veterinarian. Doc McStuffins is one of those kids, checking vitals and fixing up boo-boos on her stuffed friends. With the Just Play Doc McStuffin's Doctors Bag, your son or daughter Pete the Cat Bookcan take temperatures, listen to heartbeats and bandage every member of the household, including the pets. $15

Pete The Cat Books and Plush

Pete The Cat is the hot new thing in story time circles, offering laid-back lessons about colors, activities, and more. This sing-songy book will have you and your child dancing and laughing as part of your reading routine - and when it's time to cuddle, the Pete the Cat Plush will keep your little one company as well. Prices vary by book. Plush toy: $15.84

Early Elementary

Fur Real Friends Daisy

Fur Real Friends Daisy is as close as you get to the real thing, with her meowing, purring, and pouncing animations. While most parent reviews agree that she’s a little too robotic for their taste, she’s a mega hit with girls age 4-8. For the younger kids, this is a perfect demo toy to help the enthusiastic petter learn to be “gentle” and “pet nice.” $51.39

Zoomer- voice-recognition dogZoomer

Ranked by Amazon as one of the top 100 toys this year, Zoomer is a trainable, rechargeable, voice-recognizing friend. Just like a real puppy, your kid will need to work with Zoomer to learn commands like “lay down,” “walk,” and dozens more. $104.98

What does the pet loving kid on your list want this year? What pet-themed toys do you remember loving growing up?

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