Toy Fanatic's Fix: The Bumi

Lea Jaratz

Kayden has a problem: he's addicted to toys. Bones, balls, chews, whatever--he just can't get enough. But, one thing's for sure, his favorite fix is the Bumi from West Paw.

Have you ever seen a dog toy and just wondered, why would any dog play with that? What's the appeal? That was pretty much my thought when someone brought their dog's Bumi into the office. But Kayden cannot get enough. I throw it, he sprints. I hold it up, he leaps. It's the perfect toy for throwing, fetching, and tug playing.

It's a part of their ZogoFlex line of dog toys, which mean's it's durable. Their website states that they have a one-time exchange or refund guarantee, but have a less than 1% return rate. The one in the office has held up to years of chewing from office dogs, including destructo-jaws Kayden, who gnaws on it, but never causes any signs of wear. It's buoyant, dishwasher safe and 100% recyclable.

Kay needs his own Bumi for home and maybe a Twiz too! ($10+)

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